How to kintsukuroi – Kintsugi, Japanese gold repair

Something terrible happened to me. You know how it is, early morning, eyes half closed, stumbling into the kitchen... I went to make a coffee, and knocked my favourite mug onto the floor, completely breaking it.

I was upset...  for about a minute or two, but then I remembered about Kintsugi - the Japanese art of repairing broken pots with gold. And then I got really excited! 

As they say, life goes on, and sometime mistakes actually turn out to be the best! Anyway, here's a quick overview video on what KintSugi is, and below you'll find a relaxing how-to guide for how to repair your broken pots with the kintsugi method using gold. Need a Kintsugi repair kit? Our Traditional and Authentic Kintsugi Repair Kit has everything you need to get started.

How to repair broken ceramics with the Kintsugi method:

And now a really relaxing video... watch them repair their cup, and bowl by using the kintsugi technique. Don't forget, you can use any colour in the world - it doesn't have to be gold! Why not choose a neon color to make your pots Pop?! Our Kintsugi Repair Kit comes with real silver and gold powder.

Kintsugi Repair Kit

The Ceramic School's Kintsugi Repair Kit comes with everything you need to fix your broken pots. It allows you to repair in the traditional fashion by using real urushi lacquers. Results are visually appealing (with the included gold and silver powder) and durable as well. It comes with enough material for you to repair dozens of pieces.

Kintsugi T-Shirts

Kintsugi Inspiration

Do you want to learn more about the philosophy of kintsugi (Wabi Sabi)?
The spirituality and beauty of nature, the passage of time and impermanence... then look no further:

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  1. MY wonderful green kintsugi tshirt is reaching the end of its wonderful life. Do you have others?