Mio Heki – How to Kintsugi

In this workshop, Mio Heki will show you how to create a traditional Japanese Kintsugi technique.

Kintsugi represents the Japanese art of ceramic repair, deeply rooted in a philosophy that regards something as more exquisite when it bears the marks of being broken and subsequently mended. This profound and powerful art form is Mio Heki’s lifelong devotion, where she employs the skilled conservation technique of using urushi, a tree sap, adorned with gold.

The practical aspect of Kintsugi is both time-consuming and repetitive, demanding dexterity and boundless patience. For Mio, the practice transcends the workshop; it has evolved into a form of meditation. She treats her tools with great reverence, considering them sacred and deserving of meticulous care. Mio even crafts many of these tools herself, meticulously shaping cypress spatulas for urushi mixing and designing racks for tool storage.

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About Mio Heki

Having majored in the traditional craft of lacquering at Kyoto City University of Arts, Mio embarked on her journey in a studio dedicated to the restoration of temple ornamentation. It was here that she delved deeper into the world of Kintsugi, culminating in a significant moment when she was entrusted with restoring a sacred temple bowl. This experience resonated with her, solidifying her passion for this unique craft and marking the beginning of her professional journey.

Through Urushi and Kintsugi workshops, Mio aims to introduce people to the fascinating world of Urushi—a material deeply rooted in Japan’s ancient heritage. She seeks to showcase the captivating nature of Urushi lacquer and the intricate Japanese lacquer techniques.

Mio believes that Urushi, often seen as a gift from Mother Nature, is an incredibly attractive and historically significant material. It embodies Japan’s traditional way of life and rich history, while also paying homage to the wisdom of ancestors. Her interests extend to both ancient and modern traditions and art.

In her spare time, she delves into the study of traditional tea ceremonies, where she discovers parallels in the respect and care afforded to her tools, echoing the reverence for equipment in the ceremonial context. Both worlds share a commitment to constant cleaning, meticulous organization, and the upholding of tools’ importance in the rituals they serve.




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Maria Botero
Posted 9 months ago
So interesting

I really enjoy kintsugi workshop, well explained

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