Kintsugi Repair Kit

Effectively repair damaged pottery/porcelain objects at home with this traditional and authentic Japanese Kintsugi kit.
For a step-by-step instructional video: How to Kintsugi




Kintsugi literally translates as “golden joinery.” Fixing prized and valuable pottery is nothing short of an art form in Japan, and the Kintsugi Repair Kit has everything that you need to fix broken pottery.

For a step-by-step instructional video: How to Kintsugi.

With our kit, you will repair in a traditional method using real urushi lacquers without any artificial materials. Urushi is a natural material and does not contain toxic chemical additives!

With the Kintsugi Repair Kit, it is possible to effectively repair damaged pottery/porcelain. The resulting repaired potteries/porcelains will be both visually appealing and durable as well. With this kit, you can repair dozens of broken potteries/porcelains! Now with our easy-to-read English instruction manual, anyone can make beautiful Kintsugi-art!

Small Kintsugi Kit contains:

Contents: Pure Seshime Urushi Lacquer (20g), Pure Neri Bengara Urushi Lacquer (20g), Tonoko Powder (50g), 2x Brushes, Alternative Gold Powder (10g), Natural Pearl Powder (10g), Plastic Spatula, Pure Silk Cotton Ball, Small Plate, Rubber Gloves (Medium size), Water Resistant Sand Paper, English Manual.

Large Kintsugi Kit contains:

– Comes with genuine gold powder 1g (22.7k)
– Comes with 250% more urushi lacquers compared to small kit
– This kit is intended for advanced users
Contents: Pure Seshime Urushi (50g), Neri Benbgara Urushi (50g), Tonoko Powder (200g), Pearl Gold Powder (10g), Genuine Gold Powder 1g (22.7k), 2x Brushes, Pure Silk Cotton Ball, Sandpaper, Rubber gloves (L), Kintsugi manual, Comes in portable PVC bag

You will repair in a traditional method using real urushi lacquers, without using an artificial glue.

Kintsugi (or Kintsukuroi) is the Japanese art of using lacquer, mixed with silver, gold, or metalic powders to repair broken pottery/porcelain. 2 types of Gold Powders included in the small kit: Alternative Gold Powders and Natural Pearl Gold Powders. They are different gold colors, you can choose which to use depends on your object’s color. The large kintsugi repair kit comes with real 22.7k gold powder!

The Japanese have been using lacquering techniques for approximately 9,000 years, and this skill and art form is still valued to this day.
The philosophy behind this technique is to treat the repair as part of the object’s history as opposed to treating the repair as something to hide as if it never happened. Try it for yourself, and you will discover that Kintsugi can be both relaxing and rewarding.

Caution: Urushi lacquer is actually the sap of a tree that grows in East Asia. It is a natural substance that forms a clear, hard and waterproof surface when dried properly. Although Urushi contains a compound that can cause a reaction similar to poison ivy, proper handling (gloves and long-sleeve shirt), and working in a well-ventilated area will generally prevent an allergic reaction. The Ceramic School will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to Urushi.

This kit contains the best quality supplies sent directly from Japan – the home of Kintsugi – so please allow up to 14 days for delivery. Duties and taxes are NOT included in the price of the goods you purchase online and are not included in the overall shipping costs. The recipient of the goods is fully responsible for the payment of duties and taxes of the recipient’s country. Some countries, such as European nations (Belgium, France, Holland to name a few…) will impose very high duties and taxes for importing. These charges are totally beyond our control.