How to Spiral Wedge Clay

How to spiral wedge clay, with Hsin-Chuen Lin.

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Wedging Boards – All you need to know

What is a wedging board? One essential tool that everyone should have in a potters’ studio are wedging boards. These large boards allow you to wedge your clay before throwing it on the pottery wheel. There are many different options a potter can choose from when it comes to wedging boards, and your personal choice mainly…

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A virtual tour around Kate Malone’s Studio

A virtual tour around Kate Malone’s Studio.
We Love the glaze room! ❤

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Welcome to the Ceramic School

Here at the Ceramic School we are potty about pottery!

pottery for kids

Pottery for Kids : The Benefits of Pottery for kids

Pottery for Kids: How do kids benefit from pottery? Pottery, for kids, is one of the most creative activities you can let your child experience. Kids are born naturally creative, and inquisitive. They are born filled to the brim with energy, and the need to express themselves. And as they grow, this need to express…

Electric Kilns

Electric Kilns

Electric Kilns: What is an electric kiln? Why should you buy an electric kiln? What types of electric kilns are there, and which kind of electric kiln is right for you?

Rolling Clay with Keith

Rolling Clay with Keith

Rolling Clay with Keith – a cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” – by Keith Brymer Jones.

Toshiko Takaezu

Toshiko Takaezu

About Toshiko Takaezu Toshiko Takaezu was born in Pepeekeo, Hawaii. She traveled to Japan, where she studied Zen Buddhism and the techniques of traditional Japanese pottery, which influenced her work. Takaezu treated life with a sense of wholesomeness and oneness with nature; everything she did was to improve and discover herself. She believed that ceramics involved self-revelation,…

Chris Dunn – Pit Firing Pottery

Chris Dunn, Wellington-based potter and ceramicist shows us how he creates his beautiful pit-fired pottery. Want to try Pit firing yourself? Check out the books on Pit Firing (affiliate link) This video was made as part of ‘CREATIVE: I AM’, an online series of interviews with inspiring local artists and creators by Valetta Brenzón. To see…

Phil Rodgers Pottery

Phil Rogers Pottery

Phil Rogers – Potter. Watch his beautiful 33 minute documentary ‘Drawing in the Air’ here. Watch Now!

Fountain Glazer

How to make a fountain glazer

Fountain Glazers: What are Fountain Glazers? How do Fountain Glazers work? How can you make your own Fountain Glazer? Find out here!

DIY Raku Kiln

How to make a DIY Raku Kiln

DIY Raku Kiln: How to make a DIY Raku Kiln. Follow this simple 8 step process to make your own DIY Raku Kiln.

How to make a mini folded bowl

This simple technique produces an amazing mini folded bowl 🙂

How to throw a teardrop 🔥 …

How to throw a teardrop 🔥

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