Best Music for the Pottery Studio

When it comes to working in the studio everyone has preferences for what environment they like to create in. Some people prefer silence, while others enjoy listening to music in order to help them work better in the studio. If you enjoy listening to music, this article can help you choose what music best fits…

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How to Emboss

How to Emboss

Embossing has been around for decades and is commonly used to create a raised texture on paper craft and cards.  Embossing is a very simple process – All you basically need is embossing glue, embossing powder and a heat gun. Since the introduction of embossing glue pens, embossing has become a popular art form among…

How to Make a One Piece Lidded Jar

How to Make a One Piece Lidded Jar

In this video John Britt shows us how he creates a one piece lidded jar.

Best Gadgets for The Studio

Best Gadgets for the Pottery Studio

Every pottery studio needs gadgets. Working can be made much more enjoyable if you have the right gadgets. Pottery studio gadgets can help make your environment livelier and make tasks easier to complete. The following 9 pottery studio gadgets that can be used in your potters’ studio, and are very helpful to making working in…

How to Make a Ceramic No-Spill Dog Bowl

How to throw a no-spill dog bowl!

pottery without a wheel

Pottery Without A Wheel

There are many ways to create pottery without a pottery wheel, and this video from British Instructional Films shows you how you can: 1) Create a thumb pot. 2) Create a coil pot. 3) Create a coil duck sculpture. 4) Create a tile. And all of these things, plus many more can be created without the use of a pottery wheel.

How to Organize your Pottery Studio

How to Organize Your Pottery Studio

Keeping your pottery studio organized can be hard work. Studios are a potter’s personal creative space, and like all creative spaces – they can get very messy very quickly. Pottery studios vary from potter to potter; we all have our own preference as to where things go, how things are done, and the cleaning of…

Stoned Mode Pottery

Pottery : Stoned Mode

We LOVE this “Stoned Mode” video of Gustavo Villalobos! It’s so relaxing & satisfying!

How to Read a Glaze Recipe

Glaze Recipes: How to read Glaze Recipes & Create your own Glazes

Glaze Recipes: How to read Glaze Recipes & Create your own Glazes!
Once you understand how to read a glaze recipe you will have the freedom to start creating your own glaze recipes and altering glaze recipes to create new and interesting glazes.

Nine Ways to Stay Motivated in the Studio

When it comes to working and staying motivated in the studio, whether full time or part time, it can be hard to keep the creative juices flowing. While some people do not have a hard time continuing their work and staying motivated, others find it difficult to stay motivated and continue a project or start…

How to Evolve from a Cylinder with Our PDF guide

There are many ways you can go beyond a cylinder to really express yourself. In this article, we will be walking you through how to make a cylinder, five shapes you can try yourself, and then giving you a pdf to draw on (Download as PDF) so you can evolve your shapes through a series of…

how to apply waterslide decals

How to Apply Waterslide Decals

How to Apply Waterslide Decals. Waterslide decals are ceramic decals that are specifically made to transfer images from paper to already glazed ceramics or glass.

diy clay slab roller

How to make a DIY Clay Slab Roller

Clay Slab Rollers : How to make your own DIY Clay Slab Roller.

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