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Sketching in Clay #100bottles100days

On 1st January 2018, Ceramic Artist Anna Whitehouse began a project to make 1 bottle a day for  100 days. Using a 2 part press mould she created a plain bottle every morning to be her blank canvas for the day. This process allowed her to push new ideas quickly and be far more experimental in…

How to Design a Logo for your Pottery Business

Why you need a good logo from the start. Your Personal Brand. It’s one of the first things you should think about when starting your pottery business. First things first, you need to have your own logo. Well, it’s a waste of time building brand recognition only to re-brand later on. You might be asking…

How to film videos that get shared on Instagram

Andy Boswell from KaolinTiger Studios shares how he created his Instagram video that got shared by HGTV. This resulted in a ton of new followers, and more importantly, a ton of sales for him over the weekend. Get 60% off our Instagram for Potters course! In our Instagram for Potters course, we teach you how…

The Big Pottery Book List

The Big Pottery Book List

When you have the right pottery book, creating with clay can be freeing and amazing. You can create anything that you can imagine. However, it can be hard to understand how to do certain techniques correctly when you are first starting out. If you are learning at home or seeking new knowledge while taking classes,…

The Ceramicness of Pablo Picasso’s Ceramics

You might also like… Phil Rogers Pottery Phil Rogers – Potter. Watch his beautiful 33 minute documentary ‘Drawing in the Air’ here. Watch Now! Rolling Clay with Keith Rolling Clay with Keith – a cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” – by Keith Brymer Jones. Katie Marks: Geometric Spacey Tie-dyed Lustres Kazu Oba Kazu…

How to start a successful pottery business the right way (Part 1 of 2)

Just imagine… You wake up in the morning… Make yourself a fresh cup of hot coffee… And stroll into your very own garden studio, with the sun on your face, and the whole day ahead of you – free to work on whatever you want. You’ve got no pressure of going off to work, because…

Dragon Kiln

Singapore’s last Dragon Kiln

What is a Dragon Kiln? Read the full article here You might also like… Gustavo Pérez How to make a fountain glazer Fountain Glazers: What are Fountain Glazers? How do Fountain Glazers work? How can you make your own Fountain Glazer? Find out here! How to Carve Clay How to make a mini folded bowl…

Glazing Techniques and Advice for Glazing

Glazing techniques can make or break a piece, which can be frustrating for those who spend a lot of time on their work only for it to end up getting destroyed by a bad glaze application. In this article, we will cover a few of the different ways you can apply glaze, and provide tips…

kemper tools

Kemper Tools: All You Need to Know About Kemper Tools

When it comes to pottery tools – Kemper is a well-known brand that produces Kemper Tools. They have handcrafted american tools for the Ceramic Arts community for over 50 years. Kempte tools can help all ceramicists from hand-builders to wheel throwers. In this article, we will be listing the various Kemper Tools that Kemper has,…

mishima a mug

How to Mishima a Mug

Tap for tunes! ? A little morning Mishima jam sesh! This technique is using wax resist on leather hard pots. That sweet stage before it dries! #ceramics #potteryvideo #potteryvideos #timelapse #leatherhard #instapottery #juliaclairesclay #mishima #wip #mug #amacounderglaze #amaco #iphoneonly #piabrush @potsinaction #ceramica #porcelain #pottery #keramik #amacobrent #potterygirl #makersgonnamake #etsy #etsyseller A post shared by J…

how to make a darted pitcher

How to make a Darted Pitcher

In this video, we see Julia Claire of JuliaClaireClay showing us how she creates a darted pitcher. Julia Claire is a ceramic artist working at Odyssey Clayworks in Asheville, North Carolina. Her work focuses on darted forms, colorful decals, and mountain imagery. What a sweet time lapse app! Tap for jams ?! I’ve been working…

peacock feathers

Making Peacock Feathers with Mocha Diffusion

Peacock feather inspired bulb vase. Using the Mocha Diffusion technique allows for some creative layering. Here is one of the first things that came to mind. Looking forward to more experimenting. . . . . #ceramics #pottery #mochadiffusion #peacock #peacockfeathers #bulbvase #moonvase A post shared by Kevin Kowalski (@kowalskipottery) on Jul 1, 2017 at 11:09am…

nine pound bowl

How to Throw a Nine Pound Bowl

Just some Saturday morning meditation while I wait for my kiln to cool! ✌?Listening to Odesza in my Odesza crew! Big ol bowl! 9 1.2 lbs! I could have stretched it further I think BuT safety first! Ohh! And I’ll pull the giveaway winner this afternoon! ?#potteryvideo #potteryvideos #ceramics #wheelthrown #porcelain #popthoseairbubbles #pottery #potterywheel #iphoneonly…

throwing a chuck

Making Your Own Chuck

When it comes to trimming there is no one single way to trim every piece. Some pieces will require special attention and methods to ensure that they survive the trimming process. Chucks will help potters trim everything from cups, chip and dip platters, teapots, altered vases and many more unique and sometimes strangely shaped pieces.…

DIY light box

How to make a DIY Light Box

DIY Light Boxes: How to make your own DIY Light Box – so you can start taking Professional Photographs of your work.

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