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Ilona Topolcsanyi – How to make Ceramic Lights

Hi, I’m Ilona Topolcsanyi and I’m Colin Hopkins and we’re from Cone Eleven Ceramics.We’re going to be demonstrating to you how we make our large-scale ceramic lights. As we roll up our sleeves to tackle the art of transforming clay back into stone, we’re greeted daily by life’s curious puzzles

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Djakou Kassi Nathalie – How to Carve a Plate

Hey, my name is Djakou Kassi Nathalie, and I am excited to be your guide in this workshop on plate carving. We’ll explore the art of casting and curving plates and I will show you the tools I am using. Example Work When you buy this workshop, you get: About

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Amy Rae Hill – How to paint a space teapot

Hello, my name is Amy Rae Hill, and I’m a ceramic space painter from North Bend, Washington. In my workshop, we’re going to dive deep into the world of glazing, and I’m excited to show you how to give your teapot’s surface a lunar twist. We’ll be exploring a range

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Surface Decoration

Mio Heki – How to Kintsugi

In this workshop, Mio Heki will show you how to create a traditional Japanese Kintsugi technique. Kintsugi represents the Japanese art of ceramic repair, deeply rooted in a philosophy that regards something as more exquisite when it bears the marks of being broken and subsequently mended. This profound and powerful

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Artist Talk

David Hicks – Artist Talk

Hi, I’m David Hicks, a ceramic artist based in central California, specifically in Visalia, California. Today, I’d like to take you on a journey into my creative world, sharing my work and shedding light on the motivations and methods behind it. Let’s dive in. To me, the essence of my

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Artist Talk

Shampa Shah – Diverse Clay Traditions of India

Hello, I’m Shampa Shah, and in this workshop, I’ll explore India’s diverse clay traditions and the associated creation myths. India’s clay traditions date back to ancient civilizations like the Indus Valley and are still thriving today, practiced by thousands of artisans. I’ll introduce you to these traditions from North, South,

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