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Clay Types
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Eric Louis: Traditional Acoma Horsehair Pottery

Traditional Acoma pottery has been made in the Acoma Pueblo area of New Mexico for centuries. The pottery is easily recognized due to its thin walls and the intricate geometric designs painted on the exteriors. Eric Louis grew up in Acoma Pueblo learning how to make this type of pottery.

The Ceramic School

7 YouTube Channels to Follow To Learn Pottery At Home.

YouTube is an amazing place to watch hundreds of free online pottery lessons – and with many people starting out their pottery journey with a “YouTube Education” it’s great place to start with some beginners pottery lessons. Learning online is Amazing! Why? You can Pause & Rewind – You can’t

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Brad Tries Pottery | Bon Appétit

Join Brad from Bon Appétit at Keith Kreeger Studios in Austin, Texas as he learns how to make ceramics, from wedging clay and using a wheel to glazing and firing. Spoiler alert: Brad actually makes a decently useable bowl.

mishima a mug
The Ceramic School

Julia Claire: How to Mishima a Mug

Tap for tunes! ? A little morning Mishima jam sesh! This technique is using wax resist on leather hard pots. That sweet stage before it dries! #ceramics #potteryvideo #potteryvideos #timelapse #leatherhard #instapottery #juliaclairesclay #mishima #wip #mug #amacounderglaze #amaco #iphoneonly #piabrush @potsinaction #ceramica #porcelain #pottery #keramik #amacobrent #potterygirl #makersgonnamake #etsy #etsyseller

how to make a darted pitcher
The Ceramic School

Julia Claire: How to make a Darted Pitcher

In this video, we see Julia Claire of JuliaClaireClay showing us how she creates a darted pitcher. Julia Claire is a ceramic artist working at Odyssey Clayworks in Asheville, North Carolina. Her work focuses on darted forms, colorful decals, and mountain imagery. What a sweet time lapse app! Tap for

peacock feathers
The Ceramic School

Kevin Kowalski: Making Peacock Feathers with Mocha Diffusion

Peacock feather inspired bulb vase. Using the Mocha Diffusion technique allows for some creative layering. Here is one of the first things that came to mind. Looking forward to more experimenting. . . . . #ceramics #pottery #mochadiffusion #peacock #peacockfeathers #bulbvase #moonvase A post shared by Kevin Kowalski (@kowalskipottery) on

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