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Start & Scale Your Successful Ceramics Business... in just 30 Days!

“How can I find customers?”
“How should I price my work?”
“How can I make a living with my ceramics?”

Hey, my name’s Joshua, and I run The Ceramic School.

And these are some of the most frequent questions we get.

There are lots of ways to make a living with ceramics, and there have been literally thousands of very successful ceramic artists over the years.

Studio Potters, Production Potters, Sculptors, Ceramic Artists, all have found success. But it’s usually a life-long process of working alone, making mistakes, learning from their mistakes, and slowly moving forward, step by step.

I thought, wouldn’t it be great to interview some of these successful artists, collect their knowledge, and get some real business plans to follow, so that others could avoid making the same mistakes?

So I reached out to 9 of my favorite ceramic artists and asked them:

“If you were just starting out today with no audience, no social media, no email list, no contacts… You just had your ceramics to sell… How would you start your pottery business and make your first sale within 30 days?”

I wanted to know EXACTLY what they would do…
• Day #1… what would you do?
• Day #2… what would you do?
• Day #3… what would you do?

…Day #4, then #5, #6… and so on for 30 days. 

The idea was to really get to the essence of what they would focus on, and what they believed helped them the most in finding success.

Don’t get me wrong, a ceramics career takes longer than 30-days to create.

It takes a lot of hard work, persistance, and first of all, talent…

But with the right guides to follow, you can save time & money, and find success quicker, by avoiding making the mistakes as the people before you.

We want you to succeed.

We need you in the world creating ceramics… and getting paid WELL for it.

That’s why we’ve put together this online weekend event, full of lots of business focused content to help you on your journey.

Inside this event’s replay package you will find…

  • Pottery Business + Marketing Workshops and Q&A’s
  • Clay Doctors
  • Panel discussions

After watching the replays, there will be no stopping you from reaching your full potential!

Meet the "30-Days" Speakers

Plus Talks / Q&As from:

Plus Much More...

What's inside the event?

The best way to find customers fast
How to price your work
How to build your own business within 30 days!

Open Discussions:
Photographing your work
Social media
Email marketing
Sustainable studio practices

Get help with:
Your artist statement
Applying for shows & grants
Approaching shops & galleries

Ready to watch your business grow?

Watch the Pottery Business Conference 2023 Replays!

Just because you missed the live event, doesn’t mean you need to miss out!


$ 29
  • Live Admission to the 3-Days
  • Watch live - NO REPLAYS


$ 99
  • Instant Access
  • Lifetime Replays


$ 199
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  • Bonus Mentoring Sessions

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Meet the Team

Joshua Collinson:
Founder of The Ceramic School

Hey, my name’s Joshua, and I run The Ceramic School and it’s my aim to help you to reach your full potential.

I studied Fine Art, then 3D Animation, and then ended up being a website developer, computer programmer, and business coach. In 2016, after 10 years as lead developer for a medical startup, I decided that I wanted to connect with my creative side again. That’s when I created The Ceramic School Facebook page as a way for me to share my passion for pottery. In 2018 I wanted to travel to an American Ceramics Conference with my wife and two boys, but I could not afford the flights, the tickets, the accommodation, the restaurants… So I decided I would invite my favourite ceramic artists into my own home in Austria by organizing an online ceramics conference. Since then, I have been running 2 conferences each year.

FB: The.Ceramic.School
IG: The.Ceramic.School


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