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Julia Claire: How to make a Darted Pitcher

In this video, we see Julia Claire of JuliaClaireClay showing us how she creates a darted pitcher.

Julia Claire is a ceramic artist working at Odyssey Clayworks in Asheville, North Carolina. Her work focuses on darted forms, colorful decals, and mountain imagery.

What is Darting?

Darting is the technique when you cut away clay, using a knife, to taper in the form and alter it similar to one uses darting in sewing. Darting is great for experimenting and creating forms with either a smaller base or a smaller top depending on where you cut the darts.

Julia Claire shows in her video cutting away sections of the bottom of her pitcher, bending in the cut forms, slip and scoring the sides to attach the sides together and using a flat paddle to tap the form and give it the angles she desires. Later on, in her video, she proceeds to flip over the pitcher and cut out the area for the angular spout, which is also tapped with the paddle. She then proceeds to cut out the base of the pitcher from a flat slab of clay, slip and score the inside to attach the base to the darted bottom and then doing the same to the pitcher spout. At the end as the video cuts out she attaches the handle for the pitcher and then will let it dry out slowly so that nothing will crack during the drying process.

To see a completed version of her darted pitcher, check out the image below

To see more of Julia’s work find her on Instagram @juliaclaireclay



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