What is an Udu drum?

The udu drum was invented in Southern Nigeria, by the Igbo. It is traditionally a women's ceremonial instrument. It is made entirely of clay, in the form of a narrow necked, vase-like vessel, with a circular hole in the side in addition to the opening at the top. The word udu means clay pot in the Igbo language and this gentle instrument induces a sense of peace when played.

How do you traditionally make an udu drum?

The next video shows 4 Igbo women from Nigeria demonstrating the technique of making the udu drum, and how it is traditionally played.

How do you make an Udu Drum on the Potter's Wheel?

The following video shows you how to throw an udu drum on the wheel, although the udu drum shown has been altered to add a skin on the hole.

How does the Udu Drum sound?

The following videos show you how you could sound on the Udu drum after quite a lot of practice!

How do you play the Udu Drum?

Like all drums, playing technique varies alot depending on the drummer. Basically, you drum on the side hole while opening and closing the top hole with your other hand to change the tone of the udu drum. The drum is different to normal set of drums, in that they are made of clay, and do not have a skin or membrane head over the hole.

Where can you buy an Udu drum?

Now that you have discovered the amazing sounds of the udu drum, why not jump in and get one for yourself or a loved one? For a special udu drum, you can ask your local potter to make you one! Or you can buy one on amazon.com as seen below.