Making the parts for a steampunk robotic octopus …

steampunk robotic octopus

How To Make a Steampunk Robotic Octopus

Making the parts for a steampunk robotic octopus ? with Tim See’ Ceramics Page

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Instagram reels: Tips for the reluctant artist.

You finally set up social media accounts for your business and think you’ve got it all sorted out, branding, photography on point,…and then the algorithm changes and it seems that the world is asking you to sing and dance to get attention for your online small business. We always knew as artists we had to wear a lot of hats professionally; we’re little managers, accountants, photographers, marketing departments, shipping and receiving all rolled up into one. And now we must make reels or remixes on social media for the algorithm to be our friends. Things are not getting easier folks! So, we’ve put together a few fun tips to help you adapt to the new social media demands.


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