How can you quickly and efficiently build your audience?

So how can you build up your audience without spending years and years trying to get your name out there? Without having to slowly apply for galleries and shows (which can take years) and without paying to go to expensive art fairs, or having to sacrifice half of your profits from the start?

You can build your audience by using online marketing.

By marketing yourself online, you can cut out the middle man, the gatekeeper, the gallery owner, and the shop owner, and you can speak directly to your target audience of potential customers. You can speak to people who love your work.

In fact, people who like your work will find you, and follow you and keep updated on what you are doing, and what you are creating.

Potential customers work to find you.

Which means that instead of showing your work to hundreds or thousands of uninterested people…

You flip the way of selling on it’s head.

You can show you work to thousands of very interested people – who have all shown interest in your work – enough interest that they have said “I want to know more about you, I want to stay updated with what you are doing, and I want to buy your work”!

If we compare audiences in galleries and art fairs, with audiences on social media we can see a striking difference:

Galleries / Shops: You pay around 50% commission. Hundreds of people see your work – but they are are not your target audience. You maybe appeal to 5% of the customers that come through the door, and you maybe sell something to 1%.

Art Fairs: You pay money up front to access this audience of wildly different people with wildly different tastes. Thousands of people see your work over a weekend. Thousands just walk past without even looking. This big group of people are still not your target audience. You’re mostly lucky to break even, or make a small amount of profit.

Online: You pay nothing! No up front fees! No high commissions! You build up an audience of people who love your work = they are your target audience. In fact, your target audience seek you out – and start to follow you! When you post new work, the people in your audience are happy to see it.

So which option would you choose?


How should you start marketing yourself online?

Which social media platform should you focus on?

We recommend using Instagram.

Instagram is the best social media platform for potters. It’s very visual, and easy to pick up. People are on Instagram to find inspiration, find great new visual work, and to find new things. If they find a photo of your work, they can easily look at your profile, and look through your other photos of your work. If they like what they see, they can “follow” you to keep updated on what else you post. You can use Instagram to showcase your work, you can reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers, and really build up meaningful connections with your very own personal fan-base of followers.

But we know that lot’s of people don’t like spending time on social media…

  • It’s too complicated…
  • It’s just for the younger generation …
  • It’s takes too much time to learn…


Is there a simple way to learn how to use Instagram to build your audience?

Is there a way for you to learn how to start selling your ceramics online?

Is there some free training you can join?

You bet there is…

And it’s just on the next page!

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  • Why pay to attend art fairs?
  • Why sacrifice half of your profits to shops and galleries?
  • When you can do it yourself and keep all your money.
  • Your target audience will find you by themselves – you don’t have to advertise – they work to find you.
  • You can promote your work to your target audience.

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