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How to make a Pottery Wheel

DIY electric pottery wheels are so much fun to make yourself.
Sure, We all dream about having perfect electric wheel… But for a lot of us, a beginners pottery wheel simply costs too much.
This page shows you 3 different ways to build your own DIY electric potters wheel, with simple and cheap tools. Plus then there are two different manual wheels below.

How to make a DIY Pottery Wheel with a Ceiling Fan and a plastic bucket:

For this you’ll need:
1) A Ceiling Fan Motor
2) A Bucket
3) 1/2″ Ply Wood

How to make a DIY Electric Pottery Wheel using a Bike and an electric drill:

For this you’ll need:
1) A Bike
2) A Corded Electric Drill

How to make a DIY Electric Pottery Wheel from an electric scooter motor:

For this you’ll need:
1) Scooter Motor
2) An Oil Pan
3) A Foot Pedal
4) A PC Power Supply

DIY Pottery Wheels:

How to make a Pottery Wheel with an old car tire:

This is a great simple way to make a push powered wheel from an old car tire. Perfect for throwing outside in the garden on a warm day.

Pedal Powered Kick Wheel

Most people get put off by the thought of kick wheels because of the effort and coordination involved in kicking the wheel. This pedal powered design turns that around into a simple task – Its so simple in fact, that “It’s just like riding a bike!”

DIY Home Made Pottery Wheels

So there we have it, 5 different pottery wheels you can make at home. Do you have a design you want to share? Show us in the comments below!


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  1. This is so helpful! I have looking around for a pottery wheel to purchase, but all are kinda pricey. I would love to make a DIY pottery wheel in the meantime while I save up for a manufactured one. Fingers crossed making it goes well!

  2. Please I’m interested in pottery business and I want learn how to make it, because of the pandemic I lose my job so I think about making pottery I know it can help me to move up in life so I want somebody to assist me and teach me how to start it . Thank you

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