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Advanced Ceramics
The Ceramic School

Slip Trailing a Design on Your Work

In this video, Adam Spector from SpectorStudiosPorcelain demonstrates decorating his work with a slip in a slip trailer

Clay Crafts
The Ceramic School

Guy Van Leemput – Porcelain slip balloon bowls

Guy van Leemput has a wonderful technique of placing coloured porcelain slip onto balloons. (You can learn how he does this in The Ceramic School Workshop: Guy Van Leemput – How to make a paper-thin porcelain bowl) Using balloons as a base allows him to create very thin and fragile looking

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Featured Ceramic Articles

Beginner Ceramics

5 Must-have Tools for Your Home Studio

In this article, we will introduce you to five must-have tools that will not only get regular use, but will enhance your at-home making experience.

Kiln Location
Advanced Ceramics

Choosing a Kiln Location

Kilns are an essential tool for any potter and great care should be used when buying and installing a kiln, and one of the most important

Wine Goblet
Advanced Ceramics

How to Make a Wine Goblet

In this video, Janis Wilson Hughes from Evolution Stoneware Pottery demonstrates how to make a wine goblet. Janis Wilson Hughes is a potter from Johnson

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