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Two Ways to Facet a Mug

・ しのぎも。 ・ part2. ・ #うつわ#器#マグカップ#阿部春弥 #pottery #ceramics #porcelain #handcraft #tableware

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In these two videos, we see Abe Haruya from Abe_Haruya showing us how he does two different faceted designs on his mugs.

How To Facet a Mug

In his first video, he is creating a larger facet using the side of his tool. As he starts on one side of the mug he slowly and consistently pulls down and scrapes away each facet until it is clean and consistent. As you can see in the video there is a cloth underneath where he works, which is useful for easy cleanup of your trimmings.

In his second video, he creates smaller facets using the tip of the tool. In this second video, he does not go over each section multiple times like in the first one, but only makes one pass over the entire mug as he carves. When faceting and in general when carving pottery, you must have confidence and steady hands. This will help immensely when carving since it will make your lines look confident and purposeful.

To see more of Abe’s work find him on Instagram @abe_haruya.


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