Quintin Hubbarth Art

Industrial Pottery: These unique pieces are works of wonder. It's as if the pieces have peeled away their clothing and have laid bare their uncovered skeletons.

One the one side, it can be seen as a representation of this modern industrial / war torn world. You can imagine finding half a vase in the rubble of a freshly demolished building, and using the surrounding material to try and rebuild what was once beautiful.

Secondly, it could also be a statement to the age of cosmetic surgery, a world where each vase is trying to extend themselves to become better, taller, stronger, more beautiful.

Anyway, interpret what you will, and feast your eyes on the Industrial Pottery of Quintin Hubbarth!

"Enchanting mixed-media sculptural pottery that combines pristine surfaces with rugged steel components like rebar, expanded metal, or sheet metal for an original look and feel.

The metal completes the form of the pottery while creating beautiful, often geometric and repeating negative space.  These voids drastically alter, although not completely deny the original function of the piece.  It creates an ambiguity  of purpose that I find fascinating.

These pieces, much like pottery itself, can be completely functional or may be entirely aesthetic, and  can even be both.

Also just as pottery was a craft first born from necessity and later matured into an art form by choice, so too are my Industrial Pottery pieces inspired by utilitarian forms found throughout history and then adapted to a more artistic, sculptural interpretation."

- Quintin Hubbarth


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