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Why we made the Ceramics Community

The Ceramics Community was born from The Ceramic School’s desire to make it as easy as possible for Potters around the world to connect with each other, share ideas, knowledge, and experiences.

One of our main aims is to help ceramic artists succeed, and be able to create a life for themselves by doing what they love – making ceramics.

Inside you'll find...

❤ An active & close-knit community of supportive potters.

❤ An assortment of Groups to join, where you can post about your interests, meet like minded potters, and make actual, real friends.

❤ One central place to share and RSVP to Pottery Events around the world.

❤ A safe place where you can post your work, and ask for critique.

❤ A profile where you can share your own posts, and articles, photos and videos with the world.

But I'm already on another social media platform...

All other ceramics communities are either hosted on outdated forums, or on general social media networks – who’s main aim is to have you on their platform for as long as possible, in order to serve you as many adverts as possible by selling your user data and disrespecting your privacy.

Even if you just use social media for your Pottery friends – you can still get distracted by other users posting weird photos and getting angry and political, and not to mention all of the Intrusive Advertising!

We’ve taken the best bits of social media, and put them together into an awesome ceramics community, on the web and as an app *coming soon.

Mobile App Coming Soon...

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❤ Looking for something to do? Our online events calendar showcases ceramic events from around the world
❤ Want to find a ceramics studio near you? Our worldwide map shows you every ceramics related place!
❤ With unlimited storage for your photos and notes, you can keep track of work you make and the glazes you use, and your progress.

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