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My Ceramics

In the studio I like to do

Handbuilding, Throwing on the Wheel, Slip casting

Pottery Wheel

Shimpo Whisper-T

Clay body

Earthenware, Stoneware

Clay Brand

various, depending on what I'm working on

Kiln Type

Electric Kiln

Kiln Atmosphere

Oxidation Atmosphere


around 1000° C for bisque


I try to avoid glazing.

You can buy my work from

There’s no option to buy my work yet.

About Me


My name is Rebecca and I’m from Switzerland. I’ve started making ceramics almost 20 years ago but always as a hobby. I have sometimes quite long periods when I’m not doing anything and then suddenly I’m back in my little pottery and working almost day and night. I like to work with slabs and throwing. I prefer not to glaze my ceramics since for me, adding a glaze to this beautiful material is like suffocating it. Of course, depending on the object glazing is required (e.g. for mugs etc.). I also like to polish my objects and then smoke burn them.

What I Love about Ceramics

About ceramics I love the process… from just having a block of ‘dirt’ until there’s a finished object. I also love the combination of earth, water, air and fire that the process requires…

How I started with ceramics

In fact, I started with ceramics when I was a child. I filled all key holes with kids clay… yes, my parents were not too happy about it. Sadly, back in my childhood, I wasn’t coming in contact with any real ceramicists. I only came across it more or less by chance when I was about 34 years old, but it never let me go again. 🙂

What inspires me

There’s tons of people and things that inspire me. It’s mainly other ceramists, but also the nature. I often get new ideas when I’m on one of my walks in nature. I don’t get the inspiration directly from things that I see but walking just frees my mind and makes space for ideas coming my way…

My Artist Statement

Since I’m making ceramics as a hobby, my main focus is enjoying myself during the process.


I don’t really have a ceramic related CV, since making ceramics is my hobby. I continue to attend various workshops (in person and online) and I’m just enjoying the process.