How to Make It Easier to Glaze Large Bowls

glaze large bowls

In this video, we can see Paul Lyon from LyonClay demonstrating how he glazes large bowls.

How To Glaze Large Bowls Easily

Paul Lyon works with his wife Tracy Lyon and together they run LyonClay. Their work focuses on beautiful textures and colors.

When Paul dips his large bowl into the bucket of glaze he uses the assistance of several tools and tricks. One trick that he uses is applying wax resist to the bottom of his bowl. This makes it extremely easy to wipe off the foot of the piece since the glaze will bead up and run off the wax. Another tool he is using is a prong, which is helpful to holding onto pieces when you glaze them. The only downside to using tongs is that it leaves marks where they are. This is easily fixed by brushing or sponging on glaze where the tongs were located. The final and most interesting tool that Paul uses is a knife. This knife is vital to helping Paul lift up and tilt his pieces fully when glazing. If you are having trouble lifting up your pieces fully because of your wrists hurting or a physical condition of some sort then using a knife, wooden dowel, or other similar tools might help alleviate stress on your wrists.


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To see more of Paul and Tracy’s work find them on Instagram @lyonclay.

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