How to Throw a Pear

How to Throw a Pear

In this video, we see Don from FishPaint5 demonstrating how he throws and shapes a pear on the wheel.

Don is a teacher of ceramics and his work focuses on functional forms with imagery created by wax resisting and creating sculptural pieces on the wheel such as pears and pumpkins.

Steps In Throwing and Shaping a Pear

Don starts by placing clay on his wheel and centering. He then opens up the clay, widens it, and begins to pull up. His pulls are smooth and consistent as he works the clay upwards. Once he gets it to the height he desires he begins to shape the form with a rubber rib and collaring in the neck. He continues to shape and collar the form until he closes the top of the form. Once the form is closed he cuts off excess clay from the bottom, goes over it with the rib to finalize the shape, and attaches the stem. He smooths the area where the stem was attached and then finished the form by creating the ridges along the side that give the pear a more realistic shape.

To see more of Don’s pears, check out the image below!

To see more of Don’s work find him on Instagram @fishpaint5.

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