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How to Create a Textured Slab Cup with a Darted Squared Base

In this video, KaransPotsAndGlass demonstrate how to roll and texture a slab, and create a cylinder with a squared darted bottom. She used a piece of craft foam from which she cut the feather focal accent, and then used an MKM wooden roller to create the repeated texture in the background. (See: Making Ceramic Texture Rollers Stamps)

She also demonstrates how to create a handle with the same texture as on the cup.  The clay she is using in the video is Laguna B-mix with grog- cone 5/6. She uses Coyote glazes which enhance texture.


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New works by Past Congress Presenter Brenda Quinn

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Toshiko Takaezu developed her signature “closed form” after sealing her pots, she found her identity as an artist.Read on to know more about her life.
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Toshiko Takaezu

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