Kathy King – Sgraffito & the Narrative Surface

Hi, I’m Kathy King, and I’m thrilled to invite you into my creative world, where we’ll dive into the mesmerizing art of Sgraffito.

Sgraffito is like painting a story on clay. It’s about layering, carving, and revealing the hidden magic within. In this workshop, I’ll spill the beans on everything you need to know. We’ll chat about the perfect clay state to start carving, and I’ll introduce you to my trusty tools of the trade.

But here’s the exciting twist – Sgraffito isn’t just a technique; it’s a form of self-expression.

I’ll share how I weave narratives and stories into my creations. My themes often dance around sexuality, gender, and love, but guess what? You can bring your own unique passion to this art form, whether it’s handcrafted or wheel-thrown: you can use sgraffito to build a visual language that’s as unique as you are.

We’ll also dive into the world of glazing and finishing your masterpieces. I’ll show you the secret sauce to make your work shine. From using a crystal-clear glaze to make your artwork pop to adding a splash of color without hiding those beautiful images you’ve carved onto the clay.

So, are you ready to unlock your inner artist and embark on this creative journey with me?

Let’s turn your ideas into tangible, captivating artworks.

After this workshop, you could be making amazing work like this:

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About Kathy King

My work centers on the presentation of narrative through ceramic vessels, tile work and printmaking, either separately or combined in installation, with a feminist point of view. I am interested in mapping the ways popular culture not only reflects women’s lives, but also shapes them. It is this influence that demands critical examination.

The use of satirical humor, irony and sarcasm often provides a seductive vehicle to approach issues of gender and sexuality within my work. The combination of narrative presented on the surface, united with the intended utility of each vessel, allows a dialogue between the essence of the object and its narrative. Individually, each work’s narrative may convey a singular thought, but when the work is considered together in a serial format, the story unfolds.

Artist Bio:

King is currently an active studio artist in the Boston area and is an Instructor and the
Director of Education at the Ceramics Program – Office for the Arts at Harvard in Allston,
MA. She has taught at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, Rhode Island School of
Design in Providence, RI and University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth, MA and was an
Associate Professor at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia until 2007. Her
undergraduate work included the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA and
she received her BA in Studio Art with a major in Ceramics from Connecticut College, New
London, CT in 1990. She received her MFA from University of Florida in Gainesville, FL in 1998.

She has given workshops and lectures at over seventy-five colleges, schools and art
centers throughout the USA.
The National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts has featured King as an Emerging
Artist in 1999, a Demonstrating Artist in 2002, a co-juror with Mark Burns for the 2012
National Student Juried Show and been a lecturer and panelist.




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Maria Botero
Posted 8 months ago
Very interesting

Kathy is very clear explaining sgraffitto technic

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