Daumante Stirbyte – How to Use a Press Mold to Make Creatures

Hi, my name’s Daumante (Dauma) Stirbyte, and in this workshop, I will be teaching you how to use press molds and share various hand-building techniques to create small and delicate pieces.

We’ll discuss the benefits of one/two-part press molds, and how to use them. We will go through the entire process of the assembly/decorating of two different staple pieces I make – Beetles and Blobs.

At the end of this workshop, you will have learned how to use press molds, achieve very clean surfaces, create delicate but sturdy work, as well as how to decorate using slip and various other tools.

Materials needed:
Clay, rolling pin/slab roller, pin tool, knife, wooden modeling tools, soft rib, paintbrushes, slip trailer w/slip, soft and rough sponges, newspaper, water, heat gun.

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After this workshop, you could be making amazing work like this:

About Daumante (Dauma) Stirbyte

At the heart of my work lies escapism – clay gives me the freedom to create a universe of my
own, a world full of strange things that perhaps don’t fit in anywhere else.
Growing up I hid in books about ghosts and aliens and mythical creatures. I hid in video
games, in music, in quiet lonely places. Running away to imaginary worlds felt safe and
comforting. I spent a large part of my childhood in my grandparents’ farms, surrounded by all
kinds of animals and plants – I often use this love of nature as a drive. I find the insect world
exceptionally fascinating and inspiring, but I’m very much interested in all things botanical
too. I love to create conceptually driven, peculiar characters with rich surfaces that quietly tell
a story of their own. Lately, I’ve been working on pushing the boundaries of this surreal little
world of mine even further, to include deeper personal narratives and bring more figurative
concepts into life.

Daumante Stirbyte (Dauma) was born and raised in Lithuania but moved to Ireland in 2007.
She graduated from the National College of Art and Design (Ireland) in 2016 with a Bachelor
of Design, specializing in ceramics. Dauma was a long-term international artist in residence
at the London Clay Art Centre (Canada) from 2017 to 2020, where she also taught sculpture
classes. Since moving to Canada she’s taken part in numerous group shows, exhibitions,
and fundraisers. Dauma was named Best in Show at Fusion’s 2018 Emerging artist
exhibition. She is currently represented by The Gardiner Museum in Toronto and The Benz
Gallery in London, Ontario. Since July 2020 Dauma has been working independently from
her home studio in London, ON.

Website: https://www.daumaceramics.com

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Maria Botero
Posted 8 months ago

His creatures are very beautiful, and the technique of making them is creative in exploiting the same mold by assembling them in different shapes and figures. I would have liked to see how she applies glazes to her work

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