Candice Methe – Coiling and Cutting to Make a Lidded Vessel

Hi, my name is Candice Methe, and in this workshop I will demonstrate how I build my lidded Vessel form using the coil and pinch method.

I will discuss darting the clay to change the shape and direction of the clay to create an interesting form.

I will demonstrate how I achieve the line-work on my pieces by cutting the pieces apart as I build and I will finish by building a lid on the form. In addition I will discuss how I achieve my finished surface with terra sigilatta.

Step 1 – working from the bottom up we will create a shallow bowl form.
Step 2 – we will then dart the clay to change the direction of the clay.
Step 3 – we will coil and pinch the clay to build up the form.
Step 4 – we will cut apart the form and reattach the clay to create lines for visual interest.
Step 5 – we will make the lid seat.
Step 6 – we will then build and finish the lid on the form.

At the end of this workshop you will be able to make a lid that fits any hand build piece really well.

Required equipment: clay, water, wire tool, scraping tool, xacto knife, rubber rib, paint brush

About Candice Methe

Candice Methe is currently a long term resident at the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts, in Helena, Montana where she is a full time artist and educator.


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Workshop Includes

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