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Celebrating 19 Contemporary Ukrainian Ceramic Artists.

When times are difficult we can always support each other by building a stronger international community of makers. The Ceramic School’s vision for the community is shaped by the individuals that are a part of it. Here are a number of artists you can follow on Instagram right now, support their work, share some love and understanding. This is a very short list of course. Please be an active part of our community by sharing, and adding other artists you know of into the comments for us all to discover.

#1 – Hanna (Anya) Stasenko and Stanislav (Slava) Leontyev

We are by no means trying to play favorites but it does make sense to start with Hanna (Anya) and Stanislav (Slava) since they were such an inspiring part of our Ceramics Congress in May of 2021. This artist duo is know for their exquisite surface design and fine use of porcelain in these pocket sized masterpieces. They approach ceramics from a graphic design and painting background achieving such unique approaches to surface and form. Give them a follow on instagram @anyaslavaporcelain or read more about them on their website. And don’t forget to check out their workshop while you’re at it! You can sign up for that here: Stanislav Leontyev – Sculpting Delicate Creatures

#2 Kseniia Zhizhiy

Our next artist wears many hats; potter, sculptor, and teacher. They are currently working at the Lviv National Academy of Arts as well as exhibiting exploratory abstract sculpture and the gorgeous functional piece you can see in the gallery above. Diving deep into their instagram @ceramics_zhizhiy we love how these two bodies of work  seemed to have evolved out of past explorations of functional dinner ware that was combined with abstract sculptural elements. Their most recent functional works are so beautiful with contemporary color punches and graphics that would look great in any home.

#3 Oleksandr Miroshnychenko

With a career in clay that began in 2003, Oleksandr Miroshnychenko has made a name for himself internationally for his evocative portrayals of the human condition; so much so that in 2019 he became a member of The International Academy of Ceramics and Artaxis. From woodfired aesthetics that speak to his love of traditional Japanese ceramics, to narrative surfaces that seem to possess a generations worth of emotion on their ceramic skin; we think this work is absolutely one to watch. Follow along on his instagram and don’t miss seeing a larger portfolio of his work on his website.

#4 Maryna Chopiak

Nostalgia is such a powerful thing, and the work of Maryna Chopiak has the power to bring us all back to those magical childhood moments where in the world seemed as though it was full of possibilities, wonder, light and love. These one of a kind pieces are part of a collection of work inspired by the natural world, adventures out in the wild and the moments she gets to spend with her three children. Grab your coat, pack some snacks and follow along on the journey on her instagram @marynachopiak.

#5 Nataliya Zuban

Following @nata.zuban on instagram you’ll not only find some great insight into the art and process of Nataliya Zuban’s work, but also some great ceramic residencies all over the world. In 2021 they we working in the Netherlands @sundaymorning_ekwc on the tall tower pieces in the gallery above.You can find her work in collections internationally and she is also a member of the International Academy of Ceramics.

#6 – Hanna Drul

Another member of the International Academy of Ceramics, Hanna Drul creates expressive handbuilt ceramic sculptures out of her studio in the Ukraine. From unique surface treatments to the narratives of personal human and human/animal relationships, her work is stuble at first glance but has a foundation in the depth of the emotion of the human condition. Find her and follow her on instagram @hannadrul

#7 – Julia Hushul

The delightful work of Julia Hushul Юля Гушул is a delight to come across. From jewelry to handmade functional items that will enhance the everyday rituals of eating with their beauty and incorporation of odes to folk art from the region. Follow her on instragram @julaaa_art.

#8 – Ksenaceramics

Portraiture on pottery by @ksenaceramics on instagram caught our eye as well. Their playful range of ceramics incorporates a number of styles and beautiful references to traditional ukrainian costumes as well as very contemporary bold aesthetics. 

#9 – Marko Galenko

Without fail you will get lost in the feed of @galenkoceramics on instagram. Stunning photography captures the timeless work of Marko Galenko, an internationally collected and known artist and teacher. His work effortlessly blends realism and romanticism with references to mythology and legend.

#10 – Zoya Predko

Traditional ways of working and homage to folk art patterns with a modern twist makes the work of @zoya_ceramics well worth the follow. Looking at their work makes one almost hear the clatter of the kitchen as a warm dinner is served. Beautiful homage to ones heritage perfectly blended through pottery with modern daily life and rituals.

#11 – Sofiia Horbachevska

Known for abstract organic sculptural works and unique functional objects @sofika.ceramics states the following about her practice; “For me, ceramics is a way of interacting with the world, it is sublimation of internal energy. Clay gives freedom to self-expression, allows you to convey, depict the beauty that surrounds and overflows the soul.” Make sure to also check out their website for far more info about the artist and examples of their work.

#12 – Lesya Horlova Леся Горлова

There is a stillness to the work of @lesya_horlova_ceramics that inspires pause and contemplation of the seemingly simple, yet complex beauty of nature. Pairing stamped impressions from the natural world alongside the alluring qualities of the glazed surface this work is a stunning meditation on being present in the moment, yet through objects that will last for centuries.

#13 – Olena Kislykh Олена Кіслих

We’re going to encourage you to follow both instagram accounts by the artist Olena Kislykh as this illustrator/sculptor/ceramicist/mosaic artist’s work is so prolific as they effortlessly move between different approaches and processes of working in clay. @olenakislykh.ceramics shares their delicious surfaces and functional objects while @olenakislykh.mosaic allows you behind the scenes of how they produce their vibrant mosaic works.

#14 – Ivan Hryhorchuk

Each photo on @viterceramics is a mediation in and of itself. Effortlessly bringing the rituals of traditional Gongfu tea ceremony into modern life through objects that are so rich in surface and handmade aesthetics. The work not only evokes the beauty of Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetics but of the elegance of simplicity in object making. Here, less is more, in all the right ways as the quiet of the objects speaks volumes.

#15 – Aleksandra Lebedkina

Make sure you have adequate time for a deep dive into the work of @lebedkina.ceramics as you will surely be taken away by the narratives within Aleksandra’s work. One part dark and mysterious perfectly mixed with personal iconography to take you on a journey with the artist through a wintry landscape of the human soul. Richly woven narratives blend like a hand stitched patchwork quilt on the surface of their functional and sculptural works.

#16 – Lagoda Olga

Lagoda Olga of @soulfulceramics brings joy and charm to the dinner table in their range of handmade tableware for the home. Lagoda incorporates a variety of ceramic techniques from stamping, to sculpting and intricate painted surfaces in their work.

#17 – Iuliia Osaka Юлия Осока

Beloved by so many, the illustrative work of has captured the hearts of collectors worldwide. How can one not be taken by the whimsical illustrations? Each piece handmade with stunning details transcribe using traditional majolica techniques.

#18 – Daria Davydova

With a background in painting it’s no surprise that bold colors make an appearance in their ceramic works. Bold in their physical and visual presentation, Daria’s large scale portrait pots are seen paired with the most lovely miniature renderings of chairs! The familiar is taken into the realm of the surreal in their work. See more @dadavydova_ceramics

#19 – 𝐕𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐤𝐨𝐩𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐞𝐧

This last artist we’re sharing is also known for their narrative pottery. Seems to be trend with many of these Ukrainian ceramic artists we’re sharing today. @vpceramics takes tableware to a new level with their beautifully designed collection of tableware for the home that ranges from illustrative surfaces, bold patterning, to stark and minimalist objects with stone like glaze surfaces. Any of these objects pairing beautifully together with an overall fresh aesthetic

Obviously this is a but a small list of artists and there are so many more Ukrainian artists to follow and support. Please contribute links to other artists in the comment section below for us all to benefit.



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