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Pottery Without A Wheel

How  To Create Pottery Without a Wheel

There are many ways to create pottery without a pottery wheel, and this video from British Instructional Films shows you how you can:

  • Create a thumb pot
  • Create a coil pot
  • Create a coil duck sculpture
  • Create a tile

And all of these things, plus many more can be created without the use of a pottery wheel.

A bunker is opened which contains large mass of clay. Pottery teacher grabs a large piece of clay and drops it on to a board. He then cuts it in half with a wire cutter. He prepares the clay by kneading it on a board. He slices the clay to show that there are no air holes. He rolls a small piece of clay into a ball and makes a thumb pot. C/U of mans hands as he makes a small pot. Child rolls clay into a coil and winds it round onto a circular base. He then uses his thumb to smooth the clay to join it to the base. Various stages of coil pots are shown. C/U of hands joining the coils to the pots. Coils are also used to make models. We see a duck being made. C/U of craftsman’s hands as he moulds the head of the duck. Making tiles. A mould is placed on the table and clay is pressed into the mould. A metal tool is used to scrape away excess clay. A wet sponge us used to soften the clay. Once all the excess clay is trimmed away, the tile is decorated with slip. The tile is dipped into a bowl of slip. A darker coloured slip is painted on to the tile. Another tile is decorated by cutting away the shape of a cockerel with a sharp tool. The objects we have seen being made are displayed with some other pottery objects.


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