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My Ceramics

In the studio I like to do

Handbuilding, Throwing on the Wheel

Pottery Wheel

Gladstone Bailey

Clay body

Earthenware, Stoneware, Porcelain

Clay Brand

Potclays Valentines Vulcan Scarva

Kiln Type

Electric Kiln

Kiln Atmosphere

Oxidation Atmosphere


so far upto 1280


Amaco potters choice

Duncan concepts
Contem underglazes
Mayco oxide washes
Those made by me






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About Me


My name is Jayne, I think my mother knew I would be an inquisitive  soul, that’s ‘why’ there is a Y in my name!

I am rather older than I like, but have much enthusiasm for my work. I only discovered the wonderful world of clay about 5 years ago and have never looked back, it’s just so mindful and exciting. Not a bad combo.

I make mainly handbuilt lamp bases, vessels and  trinket bowls. I had started to do more on the wheel but sadly covid has left a lump on my collarbone and it now hurts to use it, hopefully that will change in the future.


What I Love about Ceramics

It’s a vast subject, always something to learn and then spend many many years perfecting it. It is for all ages, all peoples whether accomplished or just enthusiastic.


How I started with ceramics

My friend was in a stressful job and not sleeping well. The Great British Throw Down had just been aired for the first time and I suggested pottery as a mindful thing for her to do, and I would go with her.

She slept a full 8 hours after one three hour session.

For me, that was it, as soon as that clay touched my palm I was hooked, I even get tearful talking about my love for this stuff.



What inspires me

I love the natural world and take inspiration from the coast I live near in North Cornwall, England. It’s a very dramatic coast and I think that reflects in my pots.

Sand, sea, cliffs, waves and rockpools are my main source of inspiration.

What I'm working on at the moment

Trying to perfect my sea urchin lamp bases.

My Artist Statement

Never boring, always trying to inspire something in myself and others and to try to capture the essence of being alive. The very nature of touching pottery and getting a sense of what the artist was trying to achieve in their work, whether it is in the texture or symmetry or movement in a piece is a wonderful thing. I hope I can bring that to my work.


Czreer highlights……Waiting for this!

Fayres and Markets in Cornwall.