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Maria Cruz V

My Ceramics

In the studio I like to do

Handbuilding, Sculpting

Clay body

Earthenware, Stoneware, Porcelain

Kiln Type

Electric Kiln

Kiln Atmosphere

Oxidation Atmosphere


Medium (1050ºC) – High (1250ºC)


Glazes for stoneware and porcelain, from cone 7 to cone 10.

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About Me


My name is María Cruz and I am from Oaxaca, Mexico.

I studied Visual Arts and Photography and I became passionate for ceramics about 3 years ago.

A year ago, I started working on my own ceramic brand where I create ceramic jewelry, it is named Aramar Ceramics.

Now I am very interested in creating jewelry and abstract sculpture with ceramics.

Also in materials research, therapeutical uses of ceramics, art history and ceramic traditions.

What I Love about Ceramics

I love that it allows me to express myself in a very deep a genuine way, I love working in touch with minerals, water and fire. I love the connections I make with people through ceramics and the way I get to see life also through ceramics.

How I started with ceramics

I became passionate for ceramics about 3 years ago, I always wanted to take the ceramic course at college but is was not offered by that time. So I started in a private workshop.

At the beginning I learned some hand building basic techniques and I started making sculptures using stoneware. Then I became interested in the traditional earthenware techniques that are practiced around my hometown, and I learned some of those techniques as well.

What inspires me

I am very inspired by nature, organic shapes and body shapes.

I am also very inspired by the sea, my ceramic jewelry brand -Aramar Ceramics- is all about sea inspiration.

What I'm working on at the moment

I’m working on a sculpture series -both in stoneware and earthenware- related to the female body, the womb and the wounds.