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I don't use a pottery wheel

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Plainsman #340

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Electric Kiln

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Cone 6


Mid-range temperature colored, gloss glazes for maximum, bright color effects on larger background area of sculpture combined with colored underglazes under clear glaze for small areas of vivid color.

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About Me


My name is Gail Hazlehurst and I am originally from Hawaii but relocated 5 years ago to southern Vancouver island, B.C. for retirement as I am a dual citizen.

I handbuild clay wall sculptures and free-standing sculptures that reflect my years of living on tropical islands. The beaches, ocean creatures and coral reefs I encountered there are all inspiration for my sculptures. My wall sculptures have an abstract coral reef theme. My free-standing clay collage vessel sculptures and my coral head sculptures have an abstract ocean theme.

I am fascinated with highly detailed, abstract clay sculpture in different forms.

What I Love about Ceramics

I love the infinite possibilities of highly detailed abstract clay sculpture. There is always something more to explore and create.

I love the way clay feels, its plasticity and 3 dimensionality.

How I started with ceramics

While studying for my B.F.A. degree I fell in love with ceramics and decided to pursue that art form as my specialty.

What inspires me

The ocean and nature in general.

What I'm working on at the moment

I am currently working on a taller, cylindrical, 2 foot vertical vessel sculpture with abstract clay forms exploding out of the rim.

My Artist Statement

I clay handbuild my clay sculptures using the slab, coil and pinch methods. I use a variety of brightly colored underglazes and glazes. My sculptures are ocean themed, abstract wall sculptures, abstract clay collage vessels and coral heads. My inspiration comes from the beautiful images I have absorbed from a lifetime of living on tropical islands, the ocean and creatures within it, stretches of white beaches and the shells and corals cast onto them are all echoed in my art.


I have a BFA degree with an emphasis in pottery and I have been a clay handbuilding instructor and an exhibiting artist for 40 years.