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My Ceramics

In the studio I like to do

Handbuilding, Sculpting, Slip casting, Everything to do with Ceramics

Clay body


Clay Brand

Local South African clay – Stoneware Fenix Fine, 6S, BES

Kiln Type

Electric Kiln

Kiln Atmosphere

Reduction Atmosphere


1220 Celcius


Amaco Brush On

Speciality Glazes

Store bought dipping glazes

Underglaze : Claybrigt, Amaco

You can buy my work from

Just went solo, so watch this space.

About Me


I am Cherie Prins, behind the scenes I fight off gremlins with my rubber kidney and needle tool. I am a recovering Pinterest junky and I lay awake nights dreaming of what I want to make next! In real life I am a mom of a gorgeous little girl and boy, I run a household and use to own Ck-ramics Pottery Studio which was founded in 2009-2021 – my first baby.

I love encouraging people and never back down from a challenge. When I dream, I dream big and I thrive on excelling. I believe that no one ever has to settle with the cards they are dealt, but with guidance, grace and support one can achieve anything one sets out to do.

I was a student of well known South African ceramicist, Hennie Meyer, way back when and then became his studio assistant for 4 years. Ceramics was one of my subjects in school and I loved the endless possibilities with clay.

Some of my work is part of The National Museum of South African Art and I have featured in a few magazines and on television.

Now in 2021 I have decided to sell my business and go solo focusing on my own work. My main clay body is stoneware and I love hand-building. The largest piece I have made to date was 1.4 meters high!

I have so many new ideas for my new range and I am excited to start.