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Gustavo Pérez

Gustavo Pérez - Mexican ceramicist.

\"Pre-Hispanic art is part of my background, but everyone loves this work. How it becomes a part of my work, I don\'t know. Maybe it is in my subconscious. Things grow inside me. They have been growing for years. Maybe I had one idea when I was five years old and it took fifty years to come out. I think I have a huge cocktail of \"influences,\" including architecture, dance, literature, music - all of these have influenced my work.

I don\'t follow what\'s going on in the world of ceramics. I\'m not aware of trends. I\'m friends with some other artists, but I work all the time. I care only about my own work. My only other passions are classical music and literature. If I have any time not working, I want to read literature. I don\'t want to look at what other people are making. I don\'t care about vacations. I crave time to work. When possible, I work alone. I receive very few visitors. I don\'t \"have wine\" in the studio. This takes too much time. Truly, I\'m not arrogant; it\'s only that I value my time so much. I love working! I do enjoy people, but I enjoy clay so much more. My clay is my life.\"

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