Troy Bungart – How to create wooden tools

Hi, my name is Troy Bungart and in this workshop I am going to share with you how to create and design wooden tools.

  • Workshop highlights:
    • Design and creation of high-quality wood and pottery tools.
    • Discussion on wood types, sourcing, and preferred tool shapes.
    • Importance of well-designed tools for creating attractive pottery.
  • Demonstration:
    • Cutting out rib shapes using a band saw.
    • Finishing touches with a drill press, belt sanders, and flap sanders.
    • Achieving a smooth and comfortable tool surface.
  • Workshop goal: Empower participants to create their own high-quality tools for their studios.

Join me for this workshop to learn how you can make fine-quality tools for use in your studio.

After this workshop you could be making both functional and beautiful pieces like these:

Example Work

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About Troy Bungart

I have a restless type of energy that always wants to be doing something, making something. I experiment a lot and like variety in my work. I’m interested in everything to do with ceramics: materials, methods and the community of makers. I respect how pottery captures and carries the story of itself. It speaks volumes.

I have three studios I use to create the product lines I sell: A Pottery Studio, a Woodshop for my Pottery Tools, and a Mixed Media studio for my handmade paintbrushes (which is actually a number of spread-out work stations).

My Woodshop is where I individually shape and contour handmade Pottery Tools from a selection of attractive hard woods.

My market niche on high quality pottery tools exists because I don’t treat them as a manufactured commodity. I inadvertently raised the bar well above utility because, though balanced and functional, my tools are as carefully considered, crafted and finished as my other artwork.


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