Galigalidis Theodoros – How to do Raku, Naked Raku, and Saggar firing

Hi, my name’s Galigalidis Theodoros,

I have 32 years experience in ceramics. In a small studio I create unique handmade products with Stoneware and porcelain. I also work on all the Raku techniques I teach by organizing workshop all over the world.

In this workshop we will go over:

– Choosing Clay
– Throwing on the Wheel
– Raku Firing
– Naked Raku Firing
– Saggar Firing

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • know how you can create work
  • know how to raku fire, naked raku fire and saggar fire your work.

This video workshop is 39 minutes long, you will have lifetime access to it, and you will be able to download it to your device. The workshop is in greek with english subtitles.

Example Work

About Galigalidis Theodoros

He studied ceramics in the public school of OAED in Thessaloniki, Greece during 1981-1983 and later on he was trained at the laboratories of Dimitris Argiroudis and Vasilis Vardaksis.

He has been working in the therapeutic center of KETHEA ITHAKI in Thessaloniki since 1997 and at the same time he has been trained in issues such as “Training special groups” with the goal of supporting ex drug addicted individuals during their rehab through the art of ceramics.

He was ceramic trainer in 10 European workshops of KETHEA ITHAKI.

He is a co-writer of the book “Pottery, circle B, Public Technical School”.

He has been presenting his work in workshops that concern either professional artists or beginners focusing on the importance of the art of pottery and the development of creativity.

The ancient Japanese technique of RAKU firing has been a big part of his art during the past years. He has adjusted it to his own style and expression by trying to marry the ancient civilization of Japan and Greece in his creations. He often organizes or takes part in workshops where he teaches the secrets of this technique.

He has been an active member of the “Potters and Artists of North Greece” club as a vice president for 6 years.

His personal work is often presented in art galleries and personal or group exhibitions. He often chooses the technique of RAKU because of its vivid colors, the fine lines, the unexpected and completely unique results of it.

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