Naruerat Vaichai – Watercolor Underglaze

Hello, I’m Naruerat Vaichai, and I am from Bangkok, Thailand.

In this workshop, we will explore the art of painting using underglaze.
Let’s delve into the materials and equipment we’ll be using:

  • Bisqueware: The initial piece has been fired to 800 degrees and is made from porcelain clay, known for its white and translucent properties.
  • Glaze Coating: After painting, the piece will be coated with transparent glaze to highlight the underglaze.
  • Underglazes: We have a variety of shades and tones to choose from to add depth and vibrancy to our artwork.
  • Brushes: We’ll be using Chinese brushes with pointed tips for drawing lines of leaves or stem patterns, as well as Rounded Commanders for solid color blocks like flower petals and leaves.
  • Pointed Tools: Utilizing a strong pin tool, sharp steel blade, and a pointed mechanical pencil for carving patterns onto the painted surface.
  • Foam Sponge: Dampened and used to wipe the bisqueware clean.

To guide our creative process, we begin with a line drawing that maps the pattern characteristics onto the plate. Starting with a round plate, we sketch the desired patterns inspired by nature, arranging them into large, medium, and small clusters.

Today we will use patterns inspired by nature. We will draw a bouquet of flowers and set it as large group, a middle group, and a smaller cluster that may contain flower vines.

Join me in this workshop as we bring these inspirations to life on our canvas.

After this workshop you could be making beautiful pieces like these:

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Naruerat Vaichai

Naruerat Vaichai is an artist from Bangkok, Thailand.


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Laurie Andreoni
Posted 4 months ago
Highly recommend!

Beautifully illustrated and clearly demonstrated techniques

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