Lesley McInally – Surface Effects on Clay

Hi my name is Lesley McInally and in this workshop I will share some of my surface techniques using slips, ceramic chalks, underglazes and monoprint. I will teach you how to make slip, how to add coloured pigments, how to make your own chalks and how to mono print onto clay. I will then demonstrate how to create some very exciting surfaces onto clay tiles and a finished vessel.

At the end of the workshop you will be able to explore all these exciting techniques in your own studio and create your own incredible pieces.

Suggested studio tools:
Clay ( any kind you normally use )
Bone dry clay (reclaimed from same clay above)
Hand blender for mixing small batches of slip.
You will need to prepare some clay test tiles. Leather hard. Size can be approx 15x15cm or larger.
Lidded tubs for slips taking into account how many colours you want to make.
Ceramic stains. I will be using Spectrum and Mason.
Paper sheets for mono print. Either newsprint or what you have in your studio!
Underglaze. I will be using Spectrum and Amaco.

When you buy this workshop, you get:

  • Watch my Online Workshop
    • The workshop will be around 1 hour long.
  • Bonus Q&A
    • Watch my bonus Live Q&A where I answered questions about my process face-to-face
  • Lifetime Access to the Replays
    • The workshop and the Q&A are recorded, and you will have lifetime access to it. You can watch it online, or download it to your device to watch offline at any time

After this workshop, you could be making amazing work like this:

About Lesley McInally

Lesley McInally completed her Bachelor of Design Honours Degree in Ceramics and Printmaking at Dundee University, Scotland. She worked as a full time professional ceramic artist producing both functional and decorative ceramics for galleries throughout the UK. In 2004 she immigrated to Canada where she continued her studio practice in Cookstown, Ontario. Lesley is widely known for her unique stretched slab and coiled built vessels. Incorporating her printmaking skills she also developed a highly tactile surface using coloured slips and underglazes which create a rich depth of surface texture. Lesley has taught her techniques in many ceramic educational establishments throughout Canada and has been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards and grants. She continues to exhibit her work nationally and internationally.



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Sheryl Miller
Posted 1 month ago
What a great course!

Leslie explained all the steps so well even a beginner like me could come up with great results! She gave great details for everything, and seeing her vessels using her technique was inspiring! Using her lessons I was able to make the process my own and make vessels and platters I truly love.

Preview Image
Andreina Rodríguez Seijas
Posted 6 months ago
Love it

It’s a amazing time to play and works with colors ❤️

Preview Image
Tara Lucas
Posted 6 months ago
Learning one more thing is worth it. I learned more than one.

I like people who feel real and I like simple and intuitive. It is always profound when simple comes together like this and with work like this. The skies the limit. She shares technique and from there we can do anything. Wonderful, Thank you Lesley.

Preview Image
Chuck Iker
Posted 7 months ago
Been following Lesley for quite a while, enjoyed seeing some of her processes

I've been a working potter for over 20 years and find her work to be most unique and inspiring. When I saw the opportunity to get a glimpse of her processes I jumped. I've wondered many time exactly how she developed her unique surfaces and now that I have that glimpse I think I will just let it be, enjoy her work, respect her creativity, and apply a few techniques that may fit my processes.

Preview Image
Sandra Robinson
Posted 7 months ago
Slip recipes

Hi I enjoyed the workshop but enrolled as I thought we would learn more about the way to get slip to crackle like the illustrated pieces. I appreciate that the artist doesn't want to share and respect this but I think the outline should say that the crackle recipe isn't shared or the images changed so we can see clearly what the workshop covers rather than discover this in the Q and A session.

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Xiaobo Li-Usselton
Posted 8 months ago
Great technique!

I’ve been wanting to know about this technique for a while! I’m so stoked to learn this technique & going to try it tomorrow! Thank you!

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Karen Barry
Posted 8 months ago
Love her style

This was my first online workshop and having the ability to rewatch is great. As a relatively new potter I wish she had talked a bit more. For example: she could have talked about firing. The texture are done on green ware (I think), are they just fired once afterwards? I will definitely need to watch more than once, in case I missed that detail. I was definitely inspired by her technique.

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Posted 9 months ago
Colouring slips so easy!

Looking forward to trying these techniques!

Preview Image
Linda Prager
Posted 10 months ago
Leslie's descriptions and demonstration of what she does were very clear and detailed. Very helpful.

I love layering textures and colors on my pieces, and this workshop gave me some new ways of thinking about how to do that.

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Michele Traves
Posted 11 months ago
Great experience

I'm quite new to pottery and this was my first online course. Lesley's work is SO inspiring and it turns out she's a fantastic teacher too! I really enjoyed the course, and creating pots in her style. I also very much appreciate the ability to go back and rewatch whenever I want 🙂

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