Jordan Coons – How To Throw a double-walled cylinder

There are many ways to throw a double walled cylinder and over the years I have dabbled in different techniques. This workshop shares the techniques I’ve learned and honed to throw a double walled cylinder in two parts. At the end, I will also share some tips and tricks for planning carvings and how to carve efficiently.

In this workshop I will show you the following:
step 1: preparing your clay for the wheel
step 2: throwing the inner cylinder first
step 3: throwing the outer cylinder
step 4: cutting the inner cylinder off the bat and trimming it
step 5: placing the outer cylinder back on the wheel (still attached to the bat) and sizing it for the inner cylinder, then dropping the inner cylinder into the outer cylinder.
step 6: throwing the two together and sealing the piece
step 7: cutting the double walled form off the bat and trimming it
step 8: planning carving
step 9: carving

At the end of this workshop, you will know all the simple to throw a double walled cylinder or vessel. I recommend you start with a simple form like this before you begin branching off. Once you master this technique you can apply it to many forms like mugs, bowls, planters and vases.

Required Materials & Equipment:

Musts: clay, a wheel, ribs, sponges, ruler, a few bats, and means to allow the clay to dry in a controlled environment like a damp box or plastic to wrap the work.
can live without but makes the process easier: caliper, decorating disk

About Jordan Coons

Jordan Coons is an accomplished ceramic artist and arts educator based in Syracuse, NY, whose work bridges the gap between craft and artistry. Her unique approach combines functional and conceptual elements, exploring themes of human nature, resilience, strength, and fragility.
After completing her B.S. in Art Education at Buffalo State College in 2010, Jordan pursued her passion for ceramics, earning her M.A. in Art Education from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2017. Her artistic practice is fueled by a desire to inspire and empower her students to discover their own creative voices.
Jordan’s work has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades, including regional exhibitions.
Her pieces are characterized by their intricate designs and attention to detail, showcasing her mastery of traditional ceramic techniques and innovative approaches to form and texture.


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