Guy Van Leemput – How to make a paper-thin porcelain bowl

Hi, my name is Guy Van Leemput, and in this workshop, I will show you how I make my very thin translucent porcelain bowls. I will show you step by step. I start by blowing up a balloon and draw the pattern on its surface. Then I take porcelain reïnforced with flax and I use it as thin as possible. I work direct on the balloon, starting at the bottom of the future bowl. First a small piece of porcelain with my stamp on it, then adding little cells one by one by manipulating the porcelain with small wooden tools, trying to not touch it too much with my hands. I can add only a small part each day. After quite a while (a week, sometimes a month) when the piece is finished, it has to dry evenly. Then, I can deflate the balloon and coat the inside with a layer of porcelain slip. As my bowls are fired upside down to counteract the effects of gravity and the melting process at this high temperature, I have to make a support (that is shrinking proportionally) for each piece. Then the piece is raw-fired (once fired) in a woodkiln at 1280 °C. This high temperature is needed for strength and translucency. The woodfiring gives the bowl a beautiful white and a sprankling blossom of glaze from ash deposits.

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After this workshop, you could be making amazing work like this:

About Guy Van Leemput

“When I am working – on the rhythm of my breath – on a new bowl it is very clear for me what has to be done. All attention goes to the work, the porcelain must not be too wet or too dry, I have to be careful because a balloon can break down quickly. So there is no time to worry or think about other things. There is only the bowl that is born.Then to be there is a wonderful gift.”

Guy Van Leemput (1967, Belgium) studied mathematics and ceramics. He has been invited several times for an artist-in-residency at the Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute, Jingdezhen, China. His work has been selected for competitions and exhibitions in his own country and in other European countries, as well as in Japan, China and Australia. At the Mino International Ceramics Competition 2014n, his work ‘Big Anas’ won the Bronze Award, it is now in the collection of the Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu, Japan. Guy was chosen as one of the Ceramics Monthly Emerging Artists 2020. In 2021 he was recommended by the Michelangelo Foundation as ‘Master Artisan’.


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7 Ratings
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Mick Wout
Posted 2 months ago
Intriguing class

This was a fantastic class, Guy showed us his very interesting way of working. Absolutely loved it.

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Winnie Dekker
Posted 3 months ago
Thrilled to start

Guy explains it so well, taking time for all the steps involved, and creating such stunning pieces. Can't wait to try it myself!

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Juana Rivera
Posted 9 months ago
Technique and Detail

This was a great workshop. Guy Van Leemput provided me with clear and concise details of how to create paper clay porcelain and design. I obsessed and Would love to see more workshops on paper clay porcelain. Thank you

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Cheryn Pelton
Posted 10 months ago
The process was fascinating and the outcome beautiful.

Guy Van Leemput was most generous in sharing his creative process and techniques.

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Katherine Joyce-Kellaway
Posted 10 months ago

Beautiful work. have watched it multiple times and every time I get more information and inspiration from it. Thank you for sharing your work and process.

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Maria Botero
Posted 11 months ago
Amazing Technique

He's so good at this technique, the result is amazing

Preview Image
Francesca Tolot
Posted 11 months ago
Very generous

very generous demonstration of his technique

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