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Standard Operating Procedures

Marketing Strategy & Training

Ongoing Support

A Library of Online Ceramics Workshops

Your members/students get instant access to our ever-growing online library of ceramics workshops and Q&As. It does not matter if you are a hand builder, or a thrower, a beginner or an expert… We have workshops for every aspect of ceramics, and for every ability.

You also get the rights to show our workshops on a big screen / projector inside your studio, so you can show our workshops to the whole room, or host live events with our two live workshops each month.

Join our Directory & Take Bookings Online

We feature you on our online directory, help you with your SEO to make sure you are reaching the right customers.

Your directory page will also allow you to sell courses & event tickets directly… so there’s no need for a complicted website to get your business running.

Your Online Community

You also get your own community group inside The Ceramic School website, which can be public or hidden, so you can share announcements or lessons with your members, or your members can post their work + ask for feedback, and all inside a safe space.

An up-to-date Marketing Plan

We have a blueprint for you to follow, and operating systems and processes to help you run & advertise your community studio.

You get access to our brand-new library of “Standard Operating Procedure”, hundreds of step-by-step documents & checklists that walk you through the technical aspects of online marketing. They are kept updated – so you are never left behind.

Ongoing Support

On the last Sunday of each month, we all meet up online for a big of chat about ceramics with like-minded community studio owners from around the world.
This is a perfect place to get ongoing support, training, discover new ideas, and to make lifelong clay friends.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our monthly membership usually costs students $29/month when they purchase individually, but because you are a community studio, we can offer you half price on subscriptions with 10 members or more.

Each student costs $15/month.

10 members minimum = $150/m minimum.

You can include this in your monthly price for your students for free,
or you can add $15/m onto your price, so that you recover the costs,
or you can charge your students $29/m extra and double your money.

Your subscription always corresponds to the number of students that you have. (Minimum of 10) So, if one month you gain 5 students, then you simply update your subscription to add 5 extra students and send them their login info. If you lose a student, you can do the same and remove a student from your subscription.

There is a simple dashboard that allows you to invite members/students onto your account. Once they are in your account, they will have full access to The Ceramic Schools library of online workshops.

As soon as you remove them from your account, for example, if they decide to stop coming to your lessons, then their access to The Ceramic School will be revoked.

This simply process means you can keep adding and removing students from your account without having to pay any extra.

This group membership is perfect for community studios with more than 10 members, but is also available for schools, colleges, universits, or assosiations.

If you have a large group of ceramic enthusiasts, then this membership is for you.

1) First of all, we share with you our Community Studio starter pack, which lists all of the best practices for community studios.

2) We help set you up inside our Online Ceramics Directory.

3) We review your website, and make suggestions on how to improve it, e.g. with SEO.

4) We help you advertise your studio, and help you build up an email list that you can market to.


We want to make our workshops as accessible as possible… 
That’s why we add English captions to all of our workshop videos.
We are also working on adding Spanish subtitles too!

  1. They get their own Ceramic School account, and access to watch all of our online workshops. These come with easy to follow instructions, and some come with PDF downloads.
  2. Members can track their progress, and bookmark their favorite lessons.
  3. You get your own Ceramic School Community Group, so your students can post their work to your group, ask for feedback from fellow students.
  4. Your students can come to our Monthy Meetups, and ask questions or get feedback about their ceramics.

You can pay with Credit Card or PayPal.

It only takes the click of a button to easily pause, or cancel your membership.
You do not need to email us, or call us up. You can do it all by yourself.
Click here to see your subscription settings: 


If you are already logged into your Ceramic School account, then you will get instant access to start watching right away!

If you have not yet got a Ceramic School account, then we will automatically make one for you, and you will receive an email with your login information, and you can then login right away to start watching!


We have a Risk-Free Guarantee!

If you are not completely happy with what we have to offer, you can get your money back within the first 30 days. Simply email us on support@ceramic.school 🙂

Ready to Join?


$ 15 Per Member / Per Month
  • Instant Access to Workshops
  • Big Screen / Projector allowed
  • Add Unlimited Members
  • New Workshops Every Month
  • Easy to cancel anytime.
  • 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee


$ 150 Per Member / Per Year
  • Pay Yearly, save 17%.
  • Instant Access to Workshops
  • Big Screen Projector Allowed
  • New Workshops Every Month
  • Easy to cancel anytime.
  • 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee
2 Months Free

30-Day – Risk Free Money Back Guarantee.

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