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9 Ceramic Residencies in Australia & New Zealand You Should Apply To

Welcome to part two of our global exploration of artist residencies for ceramic artists! In today’s post, we’ll be turning our sights southward to share 9 opportunities in Australia and New Zealand that we think are worth applying to.

Whether they offer world-class clay facilities, or periods of solitude in unique environments, we’re sure you’ll find something in today’s list that will get you excited. Both countries have rich ceramic cultures, so no matter where you end up, you’re sure to meet some talented folks along the way who will help your creative practice grow.

1. Driving Creek

Started by artist Barry Brickell (New Zealand’s first full-time handcraft potter), Driving Creek was designed to share Brickwell’s world with other creatives and offer them a sanctuary; an opportunity to have the time and space to be free, a chance to get fully immersed in a project without the distractions of normal life. Today, the facility continues Barry’s legacy by offering artist residencies that give artists time to grow their craft, work on an existing project, idea, or concept, and experiment and refine their artistic expression.

Where: Coromandel, New Zealand

When: Variable

Duration: 4 weeks, which may be done as one block or split in two parts.

Facilities: Gas and electric kilns are available for firings, along with a wood kiln, though the latter’s use is dependent on any fire bans that may be in place at the time. They also have a shared studio space for residents.

Technical Support: PPE training is provided and required for use of all power tools, kiln support is provided.

Accommodation: Yes, Driving Creek provides basic accommodation with shared facilities, including shower, toilet, kitchen and laundry.

Cost: No Fee. All travel, food, and material costs are your responsibility.

Expectations: Driving Creek asks you to chip in here and there to keep the co-operative spirit of the pottery alive. They also requests you leave a good representative piece of your work behind at the end of

their residency to add to Driving Creek’s collection, which includes the work of previous residents from over the years. Artists in Residence should plan their work with this in mind. 

Open to International Applicants: Yes

Unique Benefits: The pottery site is rich in New Zealand pottery history, and along with being placed in a beautiful landscape, it also offers unique railway and zipline tours to add some excitement to your stay!

2. Canberra Potters

The Canberra artist-in-residence program provides an opportunity for a short-term change of environment to develop new work, change direction or simply re-invigorate through engagement with a different community. Their objectives are to promote excellence and innovation in ceramics, foster an appreciation of handcrafted ceramics in the broader community, and encourage the professional development of its members. The residency program is an important part of its overall program, which incorporates teaching, professional development, exhibition and retail activities. Artists-in-residence are encouraged to interact with society members and the public through various aspects of these activities.

Where: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

When: Year-round

Duration: Up to 3 months

Facilities: The studio is equipped with a potter’s wheel, table, large ware trolley, clay trap, built-in under-bench cupboards, built-in shelving, wedging slab and a sink with running water. There is access in the teaching workshops to slab rollers and a pugmill in the kiln/glazing shed. There are a number of electric kilns of various capacities and two gas kilns. There’s also a soda kiln and a gas raku kiln, and capacity to build small pit kilns.

Technical Support: Not stated

Accommodation: Yes, you’ll be provided accommodation in the self-catering residential unit.

Cost: $225 AUD/ week (~$145 USD)

Expectations: You’ll have to give a presentation/slideshow about your work and practice at a monthly members’ meeting and donate one piece of work to the society’s artist-in-residence collection.

Open to International Applicants: Yes

Unique Benefits: You’ll be located within Australia’s capital city, and will be joining a rich ceramics community.

3. Auckland Studio Potters Artist In Residence

Located in New Zealand’s best known city, Auckland Studio Potters invites professional ceramic artists and craftspeople from around the world to apply for one of two residency positions. Their primary objective is to provide creative time and space for residents to develop a new project or body of work in ceramics. They offer you the opportunity to connect with a thriving community of ceramic artists, potters, members and supporters of the arts, by sharing their expertise and inspiring others through their example. 

Where: Auckland, New Zealand

When: Year-round

Duration: 4-12 weeks

Facilities: Each artist is provided a self-enclosed pod that contains shelving, a workbench, and an electric wheel. ASP has several electric kilns that range in size from internal dimensions of 1.5 cubic feet to 15+ cubic feet. The cost to hire a kiln ranges from $22 to $240 NZD (~$13-143 USD) or part thereof, depending on the size desired and firing temperature. There is a large shared studio space in which classes and workshops are held

Technical Support: Unspecified

Accommodation: No, you’ll be expected to find your own, though the program will provide you with a database of short-term options

Cost: $50 NZD/week (~$30 USD). You’ll also be responsible for all travel, food, material, firing, and shipping costs.

Expectations: You’ll need to maintain an “open door” policy to your studio for the benefit of shared exchange and interaction during open studio times. You may also be requested to conduct a weekend teaching workshop as agreed by Centre Director and ASP Committee, demonstrate in a members’ class, and donate a ceramic piece to ASP for the purposes of fundraising or for their collection.

Open to International Applicants: Yes

Unique Benefits: Paid workshops & teaching opportunities are available, as well as use of retail space in the Box Gallery for the term of the residency. You’ll also have the opportunity to network with artists and galleries in New Zealand and engage with the country’s unique arts culture.

4. Blue Studio Residency

Located between the beautiful Mundy Regional Park and the Lesmurdie National Park, Blue Studio  invites artists at various stages of their careers to join their residency program. This opportunity allows individuals to take a break, focusing on their creative projects or research, while experiencing a new environment and culture for inspiration. The primary focus need not be on the final output, and there’s no obligation to exhibit or discuss the work unless the artist desires to do so. For those interested in incorporating talks and workshops into their residency, such arrangements can be accommodated.

Where: Perth, Western Australia

When: Year-round

Duration: 1 week or longer

Facilities: A fully equipped ceramic studio with everything a wheel thrower, hand builder, clay sculptor or slip caster needs; with three working tables, pottery wheel, two high firing kilns, extruder, table top slab roller, banding wheels, giffin grip, multiple shelves, and plenty of natural light.

Technical Support: Not stated

Accommodation: Yes, included with the fee. The accommodation has one bedroom with a king-sized bed, a private bathroom, small living space, fully functional kitchen, laundry facilities, courtyard, and pool.

Cost: $400 AUD per week (~$256 USD), with a 10% discount for residencies of 4 weeks or longer. There’s also a one-off service fee of $60 (~$38 USD)  and a refundable $400 bond (~256 USD). Payment of the bond, service fee, and one week fee is to be paid before the residency starts, and additional weeks are to be paid on a weekly basis and at least one week in advance. Applicants are responsible for all other costs including food, transport, travel costs, medical costs, art materials, and firing costs if the work is large (by size or quantity)

Expectations: None

Open to International Applicants: Yes

Unique Benefits: If you have a dog, you are welcome to bring them with you! The studio also has a strong affiliation with ClayMake, a ceramic education center, and there is opportunity for you to undertake ClayMake courses, hold workshops, artist talks, or simply network with local artists and Claymake members.

5. Whitsundays

Funded by Whitsundays Regional Arts Development Fund, selected artists will have time and support to spend on their practice. The residency is best suited for a mid-career or established artist, as the workshop or masterclass would be sharing their process or skill-set. Artists are not expected to make a finished work.

Where: Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia

When: October/November

Duration: 2-weeks 

Facilities: A large, shared studio and smaller private spaces available. Ceramic equipment available (no specific details provided).

Technical Support: You can access support from local artists

Accommodation: Yes, the accommodation is a fully independent space with bathroom, queen sized bed, lounge, and kitchen. All food and linen provided.

Cost: Free. Whitsundays offers fully funded accommodation, board, and funds towards travel to the residency

Expectations: Offer a workshop masterclass at the end of your stay.

Open to International Applicants: Yes

Unique Benefits: The residency offers you opportunities to engage with local artists, and you’ll gain valuable experience hosting a masterclass.

6. MacMillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies Artist in Residence

Supported by Creative New Zealand, this residency is aimed at Pacific artists with expertise in areas such as fine art, carving, tattooing, music, weaving, pottery, dancing, graphic design, and other creative expressions. The residency’s goal is to showcase Pacific artistic innovation within the university and on a national, regional, and international scale. Proposals that creatively engage with environmental protection, climate crisis response, and community sustainability are particularly encouraged, as this opportunity aims to support practices benefiting communities and the planet.

The Creative New Zealand/Macmillan Brown Pacific Artist in Residence Programme, in existence since 1996, provides artists with a platform to explore new directions in their artistic practice. Additionally, the program actively supports and advances the development of Indigenous Pacific art in New Zealand.

Where: Canterbury, New Zealand

When: Not specified

Duration: 3 months

Facilities: Not specified

Technical Support: Not stated

Accommodation: Yes

Cost: None, this is a paid program.

Expectations: The artist will be required to present the work produced by way of exhibition, performance or seminar presentations during or at the end of the residency. This is a fully-funded exhibition that will include an artist fee and production costs. They also look for artists who are willing to engage and share their work with interested students and staff when available. Participation in university and Pacific community outreach events is also encouraged, should such opportunity arise. The artist is required to spend most of the residency period at the University of Canterbury.

Open to International Applicants: Only those from countries in the Pacific region

Unique Benefits: A unique opportunity for Pacific artists to work in an academic environment with focused time on their practice.

7. Sturt Artist in Residence

Sturt’s Artist-in-Residence initiative is open to skilled artists specializing in ceramics, jewelry/metalwork, textiles, and woodwork. The program accommodates four to six residencies annually and encourages the creation of individually designed, small-scale works, with the possibility of showcasing them in the Sturt Gallery. Professional residencies may be granted to artists aiming to develop and produce a body of work during their stay.

Where: Mittagong, NSW, Australia

When: Year-round

Duration: 2 months for the self-directed program

Facilities: The pottery has two distinct teaching areas with extra space for visiting artists in residence. Large and small gas and electric kilns, all renewed within the last five years, along with historic outdoor wood kilns used for annual Winter firings.

Technical Support: Not specified

Accommodation: Yes

Cost: None, this program is subsidized

Expectations: Pay for all of your material use

Open to International Applicants: Yes

Unique Benefits: Sturt offers artists the opportunity to teach workshops to generate income, through promotional assistance and opportunities for retail exposure at Sturt Shop and/or Gallery.

8. Fremantle Art Centre Residency

Fremantle Arts Centre seeks to promote a wide range of emerging and established contemporary artists, with their residency program offering artists from international, national, regional and remote areas an apartment in Fremantle, in addition to a studio at Fremantle Arts Centre. They welcome proposals from individual artists, groups, and organizations across all art forms for placement within the Fremantle Arts Centre Studio and Residency program. 

Where: Fremantle

When: Varies

Duration: Not stated

Facilities: Full ceramic facilities are available

Technical Support: Not stated

Accommodation: Yes, you are offered a fully contained, light-filled apartment with a balcony.

Cost: No rental costs associated with the FAC Residency Program. Artists are responsible for all costs related to travel, living expenses and studio production.

Expectations: None specified

Open to International Applicants: Yes

Unique Benefits: Artists may receive resource support for public programming or other events related to their residency in negotiation with FAC.

9. Strathnairn Arts

Strathnairn Arts artist-in-residence program is available to national and international artists. The residency program enhances the artistic working environment at Strathnairn and encourages greater involvement of members and the public through workshops, exhibitions, demonstrations, and other activities.The program is designed to provide artists with time and space to explore new ideas and develop work. 

Where: Holt, ACT Australia

When: Various

Duration: 1-12 months

Facilities: Strathnairn Arts has historically been a ceramics facility. An extensive range of gas, electric, and woodfired kilns are located onsite with ceramic studios and equipment available. The site also includes a range of standalone artist studios spread over the property, as well as several gallery spaces, a café, shop, and art spaces for hire. 

Technical Support: Not stated

Accommodation: Yes, A self-contained residence is available for short term use – it includes a small kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom and living space. The residence is connected to the studio. Artists may request use of the residence in their proposal.

Cost: Contact for details

Expectations: The residency program does not have an expectation with regards to outcomes. However, if desired, a small exhibition of works made during the residency, or an open studio can be organized as part of public outreach. Applicants are also encouraged to suggest opportunities for hosting workshops and classes, and to engage with the community of artists working from Strathnairn.

Open to International Applicants: Yes

Unique Benefits: Situated just outside of Canberra, Strathnairn’s rural setting and gardens have a range of outdoor spaces for possible artistic use. Its proximity to the capital also offers ample opportunities to explore the local art scene.

Our journey through the diverse landscape of ceramic artist residencies in Australia and New Zealand has unveiled a tapestry of opportunities that promise to enrich your creative pursuits. With nine distinctive residencies that beckon with the allure of world-class clay facilities and the promise of moments of solitude in uniquely inspiring environments, you are bound to find a program that fits your working style, and that can push your practice forward.

And if we’ve piqued your curiosity about residencies and you’d like to explore more opportunities around the world, be sure to check out our ever-growing Residency Directory, or read Part 1 of this series, “10 Ceramic Residencies in North America.” In our next addition, we’ll explore some of the fantastic residencies opportunities in Europe and the UK!


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