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  • 10 Main Modules
  • 70+ Video Lessons (5 hours total)
  • 10+ Worksheets to download and complete

No prior knowledge of Instagram is required.

All you need is a smartphone or tablet.

"If you are brand new to Instagram™ and marketing yourself online, this is the perfect primer and it comes in bite sized pieces that are easy to digest. If you are a little more advanced, this is the compilation of best practices you need to follow and tools to use. If you want to really leverage social media, this is where you want to start." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Andy Boswell
Kaolin Tiger Studios

What's Inside the Workshop?

10 Main Modules

The Lessons are organized into a framework to follow:

Module 1: Setting up your Instagram Account

Discover the optimal methods for setting up your Instagram account to maximize its benefits. Upon completing Module one, you will be able to: Set up your profile in a way that attracts a wider audience, expand your account to unlock additional business options, and effectively define your target audience for strategic growth.

Module 2: Create breath-taking and inspiring photographs of your work

Learn the art of capturing stunning photographs of your work through our guidance. By completing Module two, you will achieve the following: Take exceptional photos of your creations that enhance sales, master composition techniques, utilize backgrounds, overlays, grids, and advanced photography tips/tricks, and capture images that effectively promote and sell your ceramics.

Module 3: Start to create your own videos for people to watch

Learn to create compelling video content that compels viewers to share and discuss it. By completing Module three, you'll be equipped to produce viral videos and avoid missing out on thousands of views.

Module 4: Use Instagram stories to show your fans backstage

Learn the art of captivating your followers and fostering emotional connections through Instagram Stories. Upon completing Module four, you will gain the following skills: Understanding the concept and usage of Stories, creating impactful Stories that drive increased sales, and mastering the advanced features available in Stories to further enhance your content.

Module 5: Live stream on Instagram to connect directly to your audience

Discover the power of using Live streams to establish direct connections with your audience. Upon completing Module five, you will acquire the following knowledge: Preparation guidelines before going live, effective strategies and actions to engage your audience during the live session, and essential steps to take after the live stream concludes for continued engagement and success.

Module 6: Using Hashtags

Learn the art of leveraging hashtags in your posts to effectively reach your intended audience. Through Module six, you will gain the following capabilities: Understanding the concept and proper usage of hashtags, acquiring the skill to identify and utilize the most suitable hashtags for your target audience, and mastering a powerful technique that significantly enhances your post views.

Module 7: Engagement

Embark on the journey of engaging with your followers to drive sales growth. Module seven equips you with valuable insights on networking effectively on Instagram to expand your audience. Upon completion, you will possess the following expertise: Engaging authentically with your Instagram audience, maximizing post engagement, and establishing connections with key individuals who have the potential to elevate your business.

Module 8: Automation

Discover the benefits of automating your posts to free up valuable time for your creative pursuits. Module eight provides comprehensive guidance on automating your Instagram account. Upon completion, you will possess the following knowledge: Identifying and effectively utilizing automation tools, optimizing post scheduling for maximum engagement, and understanding which tools to avoid for a seamless automation experience.

Module 9: Selling your Ceramics

Embark on the journey of converting your audience into paying customers with Module nine. Gain the necessary skills to effectively sell to your followers through your Instagram profile. By completing this module, you will achieve the following: Mastering the art of making sales from your Instagram profile, cultivating long-term customer relationships with your followers, and utilizing powerful growth hacks and sales techniques to significantly boost your sales performance.

Module 10: Paid Promotions

Discover the potential of paid promotions on Instagram to drive increased sales with Module ten. Learn how to effectively utilize Instagram's paid promotion features to reach your target audience and achieve higher sales. Upon completing this module, you will possess the following knowledge: Understanding the process of paying Instagram to promote your posts, effectively tracking and analyzing your promotional results, and identifying the types of posts that yield the best returns when promoted.

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