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Wanna learn even more about Selling your Ceramics on Instagram?

"If you are brand new to Instagram™ and marketing yourself online, this is the perfect primer and it comes in bite sized pieces that are easy to digest. If you are a little more advanced, this is the compilation of best practices you need to follow and tools to use. If you want to really leverage social media, this is where you want to start."

- Andy Boswell - Kaolin Tiger Studios

Want to learn how you can use Instagram to attract your dream customer?

Want to know how you can start making sales without being salesy?

Want to know how you can start to build you own personal brand?

We show you how to use Instagram™ to grow your target audience of potential customers.

We take you by the hand and turn you from Instagram Zero to Instagram Hero.

The Instagram for Potters course is a big course - but it's still perfect for beginners:

  • 25K+ words
  • Split up into 10 main Modules,
  • Around 100+ pages
  • Just over five hours of bite-sized videos

This is a proven 10-Step pathway to grow your target audience by using Instagram™.

We're so sure it works, we even offer a full 30 day risk free guarantee.

Here's how all the pieces of our "Instagram for Potters" course fit together...

Module 1

Setting up your Instagram Account.

We teach you how to set up your account the right way, so that you get the most benefit out of Instagram.

By the end of Module one you will:

  • Know how to set up your profile to reach more people
  • Know how to expand your account to get more business options
  • Know how to define your target audience

Module 2

Start to create breath-taking and inspiring photographs of your work

We teach you how to take beautiful photographs of your work.

By the end of Module two you will:

  • Know how to take great photos of your work that make sales
  • Know how to use composition, backgrounds, overlays, grids, and advanced photography tips / tricks.
  • Know how to take photos that sell your work.

Module 3

Start to create your own videos for people to watch

We teach you how to create video content that is just begging to be shared and talked about.

By the end of Module three you will:

  • How to make videos which have the potential to go viral.
  • How to avoid missing out on thousands of views

Module 4

Start to use Instagram stories to show your fans backstage

We teach you how to use Instagram Stories to get your followers emotionally invested in you.

By the end of Module four you will:

  • What Stories are and how to use them
  • How to create Successful Stories that drive more sales
  • How to use the advanced features of Stories

Module 5

Start to Live stream on Instagram to connect directly to your audience

We teach you how to use Live streams to connect directly with your audience.

By the end of Module five you will:

  • Know what you need to do before going live
  • Know what you should do whilst you're live
  • Know what you need to do after you were live

Module 6

Start to use hashtags in your posts to reach the right audience

We teach how you can get your posts seen by your target audience.

By the end of Module six you will:

  • Know what hashtags are and how to use them correctly
  • Know how to find the right hashtags for your target audience
  • Know a very powerful technique that will boost your views

Module 7

Start to engage with your followers to get more sales

We teach you how to network on Instagram to build up your audience.

By the end of Module seven you will:

  • Know how to engage with your audience on Instagram
  • Know how to get more engagement on your posts
  • Know how to connect with the people that can boost your business.

Module 8

Start to automate your posts

We teach you how to automate your account by so that you can spend more time in the studio.

By the end of Module eight you will:

  • Know what automation tools to use, and how to use them
  • Know when to post to get the most engagement
  • Know what tools you should avoid

Module 9

Start to sell to your followers

We teach you how you can turn your audience of potential customers into real customers.

By the end of Module nine you will:

  • Know how to make sales from your Instagram profile
  • Know how to turn your followers into life long customers
  • Know how to use powerful Growth Hacks & Sales Hacks to boost your sales.

Module 10

Start to use paid promotions to make more sales

We teach you how you can pay Instagram to promote your posts to your target audience & make more sales.

By the end of Module ten you will:

  • Know how to pay Instagram to promote your posts
  • Know how to track your results
  • Know which kind of posts to promote to get the best returns

What our students are saying...

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Ceramic School's Audience Academy. It was so helpful to learn tricks and tips that I have already started to use in my Instagram page. I have seen an increase in my number of followers go up every day. Sales have also increased during the 30 days. I would highly recommend any potter who is looking to build up their social media following to take this class."

- Nathaniel Sheets - Sheets Pottery


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Instagram for Potters

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  • Split into 10 Main Modules
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  • Lifetime Access & Updates
  • Access Anywhere (Phone, Tablet, Laptop)
  • Private Support Group
  • 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee

"It started out extremely basic, which I was almost tempted to rush through since I am somewhat familiar with Instagram. I'm so glad I didn't! There were so many little things I didn't realize I needed to know or had no idea they were options. I was missing out and I had no clue. Not only was there very basic and simple instruction, down to setting up your very first Instagram account, but it got WAY more detailed. I love that sections contained both video, and also plain text, so you could pick and choose what method you follow easier. (For me, both.) Not only did the course cover the basics, it went over basically every option or piece of Instagram available. Promotion, building an audience, important tips and tricks to make it all easier and work better. And for those of us that love organization and stimulating more ideas directly related to our personal business.. WORKSHEETS! The worksheets allowed the ideas to be put to paper, which really made it all click, and produce more that I could use for my account. This is a great all encompassing course!"

- Amber Kay Raab - AKRCeramics

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