Want to get your brand seen by thousands of potters worldwide? Well then, you’re in the right place!
What: 5 Days of Pottery Workshops. When: 26th-30th May 2022. Where: All Online!



Hey, my name’s Joshua, and I run The Ceramic School.

Firstly, who is The Ceramic School?

  • An online platform helping to spread the joy of ceramics worldwide
  • Almost 500,000 followers on social media
  • Reach around 25 million potters per month on social media.
  • Have around 50,000 potters on our email lists.
  • 470,000 unique visitors & 1.6 million page views on our website within the last 12 months (tracked by google analytics)
  • 6,500+ attendees came to our last online conference in November 2020
  • We are aiming to get 10,000 attendees at our next Ceramics Congress.

How does The Ceramics Congress work?

The Ceramics Congress is a five-day event with a full 72 hours back-to-back marathon of Online Ceramics Workshops & Q&As from some of our favorite ceramic artists. 

It is composed of four main sections:

  • Online Main Stage:  Video Workshops, Demos, Talks, Sponsored Product Demos.
  • Online Group Sessions: Community roundtable discussions, Q&As, Fun Challenges,
  • Online Networking: Private one-to-one networking chats with other attendees.
  • Online Vender Booths: Product Demos, Special Offers, Troubleshooting, etc

And, we want you to have your own Online Expo Booth!

What can you do in your Expo Booth?

Some possible ways you can use your booth include:

  • Display a pre-recorded sales video, reply to comments in the booth chatroom.
  • Give product demos, and answer questions in your booth’s virtual tables.
  • Host your own workshop, displaying how you use your products.
  • Invite ceramic artists to show how they use your products.
  • Allow up to 8 attendees to turn on their camera and microphone to have a general talk with you face to face in a group chat on each of your virtual tables. 
  • Host competitions, giveaways, quizzes, etc.

There are two ways you can use your booth to make sales:

  • Link attendees directly to your online shop or social media accounts.
  • Allow attendees to click a button to register interest in your product – and when they do, you will receive their name and email address in a CSV file at the end of the event.

How much does it cost to rent an Expo Booth?

An Expo Booth for the full 5-day online event, sales videos, live chat, live streaming to your booth, links out to your social media/website.

Price: $250 USD
Non-Profits: Free

Optional Extras:

Your Merchandise for our Challenge Prizes
We will be hosting fun challenges during the event, and you can add your merch as a prize 🙂 Perfect for e.g. special discount coupons for your online shop, or new products. This means we will be mentioning your brand as we advertise the challenges.

Your Logo & Link on the Main Reception page
When people first login to the event, they will see your logo and be able to click on it to go straight to your website / online shop. Your logo will be visible for the full 5 days of the event.

Sponsored table in the main social lounge
You can add your name and logo to one of the top tables in the lounge. This way, attendees can say, for example, “Oh, I’ll meet you at the BRANDNAME Bar”.

Confirmation ASAP because we only have limited spots available.

If you have questions then the easiest thing is to click below to schedule a call with me:
Video Chat: https://theceramicschool.24sessions.com/theceramicscongresssponsors

Or Email: office@ceramicscongress.com

I’m looking forward to working together!

Joshua Collinson
Founder of The Ceramics Congress

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