What’s on your podcast playlist?

Some days studio days need to be quiet and contemplative, other days are for blasting your favourite tunes while you dance around your workspace being productive. “What podcasts are you listening to?” is our question for you today.

New clay related podcasts are popping up everywhere, and there are also some long term favourites out there that have withstood the test of time and have hundreds of episodes for you to binge listen to. So which are your favourites? Here’s our list of ones to check out below, but please jump into the comments and help us compile a more inclusive list, in particular of non-english podcasts from around the world!

Happy listening!

At 868 episodes (as of today), the Potters Cast by Paul Blais definitely wins as the most prolific ceramic focused podcast out there! This podcast could keep you company for years in the studio!
Join hosts Clare McGibbon and Aimee McLaughlin from The Slip Cast as they interview artists about all things clay and studio related.
Ryan Durbin (@rdceramics) & Becca Otis (@5linespottery) share their experiences as potters, makers, small business owners, and creatives on Wheel Talk.
Pull up a chair for The Potters’ Round Table podcast as members of Washington Street Studios come together to chat all things art and life.
On For Flux Sake, Matt and Rose Katz of the Ceramics Materials Workshop will answer your burning questions about clay and glaze alongside hilarious co-host Kathy King. This crew of hosts knows how to make chemistry fun!
Another long running podcast, Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast features weekly interviews with ceramic artists from around the world. Host Ben Carter talks with potters, sculptors, and designers about their creative practice.
Potters of Color podcast with host Rhasheeda. Casual conversations with talented ceramic artists of color.
Two (self declared) nerdy ceramic artists, Lindsey M Dillon and Donte Earth Nation, share the behind-the-scenes of their worlds of clay on The Mud Peddlers.
The Maker’s Playbook: Candid interviews with other ceramicists and makers.
Host Rebecca Ickes Carra talks with guest about what it’s really like to make a living from the things you make as well as helpful business tips to take that next step in making your side-hustle a life-giving business.
The Ceramics Podcast: A podcast about Ceramics and Cone 6 absorption rates in the modern world with hosts Cammi Climaco and Gustav Hamilton.
The MudTalk Podcast, hosted by Brandon Schwartz, shares thoughts from potters and ceramics about a new topic each episode. Topics include pottery, ceramics, art, creativity, running a business, and success.
Marianne Chénard, Carole Epp and Brendan Tang of The Kiln Sitters Podcast sit down with artists and makers of all ages from across Canada to shed light on the contemporary ceramic scene. While this podcast highlights the work of Canadian artists, the themes and topics are internationally relevant.
Clay in Color is a podcast with hosts Angelik Vizcarrondo-Laboy and Alex Anderson. Join them as they interview artists and discuss the aesthetics of optimism in contemporary ceramics. Humor, cuteness, and the decorative will be jumping off points for conversations with young professionals of color who are shaping the field today.
Sit down with Adam Chau on Trade Secret as he chats with artists, curators and writers who stop by to chat about contemporary issues in art, craft, and design.
The Shot Callers is your chance to have a drink with your favorite ceramic artists. Each week Virgil Ortiz and Justin Reese will make a signature cocktail with their guests as they talk about their journey through the world of art.
Clay is a 4 Letter Word Podcast: A podcast about clay and art and life with Ryan Reich. This podcast is about people and relationships and the ceramics community in the 21st century.
The CLAYSTATION PODCAST is hosted by Sean Jackson. A wide variety of Ceramic Artists share their stories of working and attaining knowledge within the ceramics Fine Arts industry.

Below are a few more podcasts that aren’t specifically ceramics related but well worth a listen for more information about the arts and crafts movement, contemporary business practices for artists, how to deal with creative blocks and what’s happening in the art market these days. And remember to add your favourite podcasts in the comments below!

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