Using a Vacuum to Glaze

vacuum to glaze

Feeling Mos def Glazing pottery with help from shop vac #pottery #potter #hiphop #artist

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In this video, we see Rich Brown from Pottery32 using a vacuum to assist with glazing.

Rich Brown is potter and middle school art teacher of 15 years. His work focuses on functional forms that are emphasized by colorful glossy glazes.

How To Use Vacuum To Glaze

When it comes to glazing there are many different ways one can go about glazing a piece. Usually dipping, brushing, and spraying are the preferred methods of glazing. There are tools to assist with different glazing techniques such as brushes, sponges, tongs, and spray guns. Rich has gone beyond the usual tools seen to assist with glazing and brought something completely new to the field. It is quite ingenious to use the suction of the vacuum to hold the bottom of a bowl as you dip it into a bucket. This completely avoids any fingerprints or tong marks that might be left when glazing. The one thing you might want to be wary of when using this method is checking to make sure your foot is not too small for the tip of the vacuum. As long as the vacuum can hold the bottom of the pot this new technique could potentially save a significant amount of time when glazing multiple pieces!

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If you want to see more work by Rich find him on Instagram @pottery32.

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