Science for Potters

Science for Potters: science made easy to understand.




Science can be hard.

You know – rocket scientist stuff.

Many people think that science and art are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

But for ceramic artists, it can’t be further from the truth.

Ceramic Artists know that ceramics is science.

But the problem is that science can be hard… It doesn’t come easily for some.

That’s why Linda Bloomfield, who was trained as a scientist before becoming a potter, wrote Science for Potters.

Science for Potters covers those aspects of science that are useful to potters

and that help give you a deeper understanding of ceramic materials and processes.

Linda Bloomfield BSc, PhD, originally trained as a materials scientist and worked as a scientific researcher. She now runs her own studio pottery business and sells her thrown tableware through shops and galleries across the UK and internationally. She is interested in glaze research and regularly writes articles for Ceramics Monthly. She has three children and lives in London.


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