Learn how to Center on the Wheel


Are you fed up of always missing the mark, and throwing wobbly pots?
Let Andy Boswell teach you how you can easily center on the wheel time and time again.



>>> Centering <<<

It’s one of the most important things to get right, when working on the wheel.

We’ve all been there,

It looks so easy,
But centering can be SO frustrating.

Pushing down with all your weight,
Putting all your force onto the clay,
Coning up and coning down into a volcano,
Really battling to make the clay stay on the wheel,

If you’re doing it wrong…
it can be a real work out,
it can be very exhausting.,
it can also really damage your hands, wrists, and arms and back.

If you’re still wobbling about, you’re gonna be making wonky pots.
And who likes a pot with random thickness walls?

No one.

Now imagine that you can comfortably and consistently center,
You could achieve anything:

You could finally be confident in centering any amount of clay,
You could become as fast at centering as a production potter,
You could start to throw larger and larger amounts of clay,
You could center without the strain, without the frustration, and without the potential damage to your body.

Well, we’ve got a new course that guarantees to help you center on the wheel.
This course focuses on centering on the wheel, and nothing else.

In this course you get:
A Digital Video explaining how to center (best practices, tips and tricks to make centering easier)
Worksheets with tasks to work on
Access to a private Facebook group, where you can post questions, photos and even videos of yourself centering on the wheel, and ask Andy Boswell and the community for feedback and guidance on centering on the wheel.

With these three resources, you are going to master centering on the wheel.
So come along, join up and say hello.
Join the course, and learn how to center correctly.

Stay Centered 🙂

Learn to Center on the Wheel – with Andy Boswell.


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