Hi, I paid for the ceramic congress and it has been nearly impossible to have access to it. 

I logged in on Hopin, and according to them, I’m not registered for the congress. this is so annoying and frustrating.

I love the congress and I have attended it before, but this is bad and I just want my money back.

Please let me know what do I need to do as soon as posible.


Sandra Chaves

Joan Curry Posted new comment May 27, 2022

My understanding at this time is so many people signed up last minute that the website crashed. This included me and while I was trying to write to get more info a page finally opened up and I got in. Joshua is working on getting the website running again. Having participated before, I know the the replays are worth it even though I miss some of the ” live” action. Still frustrating if you were so looking forward to it and are locked out.