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 Two Week Intensive Online Workshop
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So tell me...

What's a Personal Brand?
And why do I need one?

You might be brand new and thinking about starting a pottery business... and if so, then this is the perfect starter workshop for you.

But, if you're like most of us here...

You fell in love with pottery between 10-20 years ago...

You grew organically as you improved...

You started giving your ceramics to friends and family...

Eventually all your shelves were full and you decided you had to try selling them, just to make more room for your latest and greatest work!

You eventually decided to start selling... and started to attend art fairs and markets.

Maybe you even got your work in a couple of shops or galleries. Fab! 🙂

But now...

Now you're bored of making the same stuff just to sell at the markets.

You're finding it harder to make sales at art fairs.

Everyone seems to be making the same stuff.

Shops and galleries are pitting up their commissions too.

You're fed up of trying to sell to everyone.

You realize you've only go so much time and energy in the day, and you don't want to waste it.

You want to spend all your time in the studio, creating ceramics, and finding your own creative voice... not trying to sell your work to strangers.

You want to build up a following of fans, your dream customers, who are eager to buy your work the moment you put it on display...

But you don't know how to start.

Sound like you?

If so, then this workshop is just what you need - and it's probably going to be the best $250 you ever spent.

We're going to reset your business, and build it up again from the ground up.

You're about to take a step back, and set it up like the real business it should be.

Because you know what big businesses do when they start?

Before a new business even starts to think about actually creating a product, or investing in their equipment etc they sit down and think about...

  • Target audiences,
  • Customer personas,
  • Vision statements,
  • Mission statements,
  • Market research,
  • Core values,
  • Color schemes,
  • Fonts,
  • Logos...

They think about Branding.

Why do they do this?

So they can sell to the right people.

And in doing so, they can spend less time, less effort and less money on trying to sell to the wrong people.

Makes sense right?

Think about it...

When you go to an art fair and you have 1,000 people walk past your stall... chances are that you will only sell 30 pieces that day.

Just 3%

And that's if you're lucky - you have good weather, and folks have just got paid.

It's that 3% that you want to target, not the other 97%.

The other 97% is wasted time and effort.

And we all know we only have a certain amount of energy these days...

So why waste time trying to sell to the wrong people?

By having a Personal Brand you will be able to..

  • Make instant connections to people worldwide
  • Attract the right people and turn them into your fans
  • Motivate your customers to purchase more from you
  • Allow you to charge more for your ceramics.
  • Set yourself apart from the competition

It's fine... it's fine... you've started the other way round.

You've created your products, and now you're trying to sell them to anybody - everybody!

It's alright - us potters always tend to do things backwards. And we never think about turning a profit until the very end, when we absolutely have to. And even then we don't know how to sell, and we don't like to sell, and we think that making a profit is taking away from the art.

Did you know...

One of the main reasons why people have a hard time selling their work is because they don't have a personal brand.

They're trying to sell to the wrong people, by using the wrong messages, and the wrong branding.

Simply put - you'll get more sales, and have an easier time selling to your dream customers if you first set up your personal brand. In fact, if you get your personal branding right, you won't even have to actively sell, your customers will be waiting.

You have a dream of what your pottery business should look like.

Maybe you still have a clear vision in your mind. A clear cut image of what you want to have in 5 or 10 years time. Or maybe your vision got lost somewhere along the way. Life does have a way of getting in the way after all 🙂

Well, this workshop will help you find your vision, and help get you there.

It's called The Personal Branding Workshop, but it's much more than that.

We're going to dig deep into your inner-self, and drag out what it is that makes you love creating ceramics...

And then we're going to bring it out into the sunshine, show it off to your potential customers... and make a personal brand out of it.

A personal brand that will mean that you attract your dream customers without having to be salesy.

In fact, they will search for you and find you and follow you and buy from you.

Your personal brand will resonate with your target audience and connect deeply with their own inner desires.

They will gravitate towards you.

This workshop is how you turn your pottery business around, point it in the right direction, and really focus on achieving your vision:

Your successful pottery business.

And we do want you to be successful.

That's why we made this workshop in the first place!

And you know what?

"The most common thing in the world, is talented people who are unsuccessful."

You can make the most amazing work...

but if nobody sees it...

you're not going to be able to sell it.

Time and time again, we see amazing potters who are struggling to make it full time. And most of the time, this is because they don't have a brand that appeals to the right audience. They have the work, but don't have the surrounding setup to actually promote it and connect with their dream customers.

Don't let this be you.

Let us help you achieve your vision.

"Get ready to learn more than you can use all at once!"

"But don’t worry, you’ll have access to the videos and handouts after the course is over and that will be a treasure trove of resources to get your pottery business off the ground. I am so excited to start using what I have learned. I feel much more focused and able... and creating my “brand” no longer feels like an off-putting task. To the contrary! I feel like the way this course is making me think about how to put my work out in the world is really going to change things for me. THANKS JOSHUA!"

How does the workshop work?

This is an intensive two-week workshop 

You get lessons every other day.

One day you get a video lesson, and a worksheet to complete.

The next day is free for you to work through your worksheet.

This allows you to have enough time to digest the material...

and also enough time to complete the tasks.

As the workshop is online, you can also work at your own pace...

Complete it in your own time and whenever and where ever you want to.

This workshop is detailed enough to get you up and running, and answer all of your questions, but simple enough to follow along - no matter what your technical skill is.

We’ll take you by the hand and walk you through the steps,

….so you’ll never be overwhelmed.

At the end of the two weeks...

You’ll have your own personal brand, and you will finally be ready to get your ceramics out in front of the right people... who will be eager to buy your work.

You'll also receive a certificate to prove you have completed the workshop.

Here's what you'll Learn

Day One & Two

Where are you going? Why? How?

By the end of the day you will:

  • Dig deep and really figure out why it is that you create ceramics
  • Write your Vision Statement, Core Values, and Mission Statement.
  • Know how to use these to guide your creative business
  • Know how to display them to attract your dream customers.

Day Three & Four

Who should I try to sell to?

By the end of the day you will:

  • Know how to choose which people you want to sell to
  • Know how to create your Target Audience
  • Know how to create your Customer Personas

Day Five & Six

How should I sell to them?

By the end of the day you will:

  • Know how to tell your story so that you attract the right people.
  • Know how to tell your superhero origin stories to appeal to your target audience, and turn them into your fans and customers.

Day Seven & Eight

How can I easily attract them?

By the end of the day you will:

  • Create your Perfect Brand Name
  • Know how to differentiate yourself by using your Tagline
  • Know how to use colours to attract your target audience

Day Nine & Ten

How can I easily create my personal brand?

By the end of the day you will:

  • Know how to design & create your Personal Brand Logo
  • Know how to design and create your Marketing Materials
  • Know how to easily create your amazing brand assets and marketing materials - even if you're not a graphic designer!

What have our past students said?

"It's a challenge to dig deep and truly understand why you do things and what motivates you to do anything. That is why I've found this course to be invaluable. It's nice to have a 'tour guide' and a checklist to complete these challenging things."

"The overall presentation of information was well organized in a logical sequential order. Each day added to the previous day. We were challenged to elaborate on what we are doing and why. Those who had not done "anything" were compelled to think ahead. For those who have been doing some already, it brought our thought to a sharper point, and it was GOOD! It took time to articulate our vision, Core Values and Mission, but with that foundation laid out... the following steps gained a clearer purpose."

"The logo/font/color scheme was FUN but REALLY takes a lot of time to get it right— still working on this part myself."

"This course really is intensive!"

"This course provides you with the best start. So much relevant knowledge that I will use for my pottery business but also in my daily work outside the studio."

"I recommend the class. Great information and videos. Wonderful teacher."

"Great course generally and in an interesting way provoked some deep thinking about exactly what *is* the goal of the work. The focusing provided by the work is exceptionally useful to anyone working in the semi-isolation of a private studio."

"This workshop challenged me to define the main purpose for my work and my online store. It compelled me to take inventory of my motives for producing work, articulate objectives for my shop, and establish clear means to accomplish those goals."

"This course gave me so many pointers to define where I was going, fed my inspiration too! The material is very well structured. High quality work and knowledge went into this course."

"Great course. Covers a lot of ground in a well-organized and helpful way. Excellent for focusing one's goals and priorities."

"Get ready to learn more than you can use all at once! But don’t worry, you’ll have access to the videos and handouts after the course is over and that will be a treasure trove of resources to get your pottery business off the ground. I am so excited to start using what I have learned. I feel much more focused and able... and creating my “brand” no longer feels like an off-putting task. To the contrary! I feel like the way this course is making me think about how to put my work out in the world is really going to change things for me. THANKS JOSHUA!"

When you join today, you get...

Lifetime Access

All of the course content will be accessible online, inside your members-area, forever. This means you can go back and watch again and again. You also get access to any and all workshop updates.

Risk Free 60 Day Guarantee

If you decide that this workshop is not good fit for you, you will get a full refund. But to make sure this is fair, you might be asked to show that you have completed your worksheets and tasks.

in order to support you more,
you also get these bonuses:

Business Support Group ($97)

When you buy this workshop, you'll also get 30 days access to our business support group. Inside you can ask any questions, and get answers from past students. It's like having your own group of experts cheering you on and answering all your questions 🙂

Group Q&A Group ($97)

You get to join our Monthly Business Q&A Call - you can just listen in and ask questions in the chat, or you can turn on your mic & video for a friendly & supportive group chat with other potters who have gone through the workshop and are working on their own businesses.

Personal Mentoring Call ($129)

At the end of the workshop, we will have a 1-to-1 video call, to see how you are progressing, and answer any questions you may have. This is to make 100% sure you are not stuck on anything.

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