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glaze large bowls

How to Make It Easier to Glaze Large Bowls

Double dipping a larger bowl. I use the knife to help get the excess glaze out of this form. My carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve…

glaze long pieces

How to Glaze Long Pieces

glazing a 28″ tall vase?#potterymaking #potteryvideos #bigpot #pottery #ceramics #clay #glazing A post shared by Don & Cristina (@fishpaint5) on Apr 22, 2017 at 8:49pm…

metal caliper

Calipers: All You Need to Know

Potters use calipers to measure things, usually openings and galleries in lidded forms. Calipers can be very helpful for potters and help get rid of…

spiral faceted mug

How to Carve a Spiral Faceted Mug

・ 斜面取です。 根性が曲がっているので、ねじりながら削るのも楽しく削れます!笑 ・・ Faceting! ・・・ #うつわ#器#面取り#面取 #ceramics #pottery #porcelain A post shared by Haruya Abe 阿部春弥 (@abe_haruya) on Aug 13, 2016 at 7:04pm PDT…

how to throw a marbled mug

How to Throw a Marbled Mug

Made a buncha cups today ? I’ve got a couple shows to prep for!! #myhandsarepruny A post shared by Melanie Westheiden (@swellceramics) on Jul 6,…

carving the rim

Carving the Rim of a Plate for Variety

・ Merry X’mas. ・・ #しのぎ#矢羽根#阿部春弥 #ceramics #pottery #porcelain #クリスマス感ゼロ #これは3寸皿#手数で勝負 A post shared by Haruya Abe 阿部春弥 (@abe_haruya) on Dec 23, 2016 at 9:47pm PST…

Two Ways to Facet a Mug

・ さて、どこへ人形を持って行くのでしょう? ・ Faceting. ・ #うつわ#器#マグカップ#阿部春弥 #pottery #ceramics #porcelain #handcraft #tableware A post shared by Haruya Abe 阿部春弥 (@abe_haruya) on Mar 25, 2017 at 1:59am…

honeycomb pattern

Creating a Honeycomb Pattern on a Bowl

A post shared by Haruya Abe 阿部春弥 (@abe_haruya) on Dec 27, 2016 at 12:53am PST In this video, we can see Abe Haruya from Abe_Haruya…

Nine Ways to Stay Motivated in the Studio

When it comes to working and staying motivated in the studio, whether full time or part time, it can be hard to keep the creative…

How to Evolve from a Cylinder with Our PDF guide

There are many ways you can go beyond a cylinder to really express yourself. In this article, we will be walking you through how to…

how to apply waterslide decals

How to Apply Waterslide Decals

How to Apply Waterslide Decals. Waterslide decals are ceramic decals that are specifically made to transfer images from paper to already glazed ceramics or glass.

Kazu Oba

Kazu Oba

Kazu Oba is a Japanese potter and contemporary sculptor based in Colorado.

Atomizer Sprayer

How to use an Atomizer Sprayer / Glaze Sprayer

Patricia Bridges of Bridges Pottery shows us how to use a “Glaze Sprayer” or “Atomizer Sprayer” to decorate your ceramics with glaze. This is a great way to build up different layers and different patterns of glaze. Its fun to try out and experiment with, and can help give you a unique style.

Amaco Glazes

Amaco Glazes: Discover and Buy Amaco Glazes

Amaco Glazes: Which Amaco Glaze is the best fit for you & your work? Discover the whole range of Amaco Glazes here.

angular mug

How to Create an Angular Mug

Gotta love how malleable clay is. You can make it round, make it square, then make it round again. Always remember to bend before you…

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