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The 10 Best Pottery Tools for Beginners

Best Pottery tools for Beginners: Are you starting a pottery course and looking for the best pottery tools? Here we list the 10 Best Pottery Tools for Beginners

Simple Pottery Tools – "Ball Opener"

Tom Whitaker shows us a simple and effective pottery tool for opening a ball of clay – especially designed to create an evenly thick bottom… Genius! Want…

wedgewood BBC documentary

Handmade: By Royal Appointment Wedgwood BBC Documentary

The Making of the Wedgewood Vase The film which follows the making of a Wedgwood vase. The culmination of over 250 years of expertise and…

How to Make Relief Decoration on Tile Using Shellac Resist

Handmade ceramic tiles are perfect for trying out different decoration techniques. In today’s video, tile maker Frank Giorgini demonstrates a wonderful shellac-resist technique to create relief decoration.…

Ceramic flowers style Capodimonte

In this video we see Sonda Ceramics, the Italian Capodimonte Ceramic style, the company which produce ceramic flowers, show us how they produce their gold…

Raku Firing with Andrew Cummins

Andrew Cummins discusses the ancient art of pottery making, with an emphasis on raku firing. “Raku” is a Japanese term which roughly translates to “happy…

Cristina Cordova : InFrame

Cristina Cordova is a sculptor based in North Carolina. Originally from Puerto Rico, Cordova was studying engineering when she decided to quit her program and…

How To Decorate Ceramic Flower Pot Rims

Bill van Gilder shows us how to make flower pots, and especially how to manipulate the rims and texture the wall surfaces. He is using 6 pounds…

simon leach

SIMON LEACH Throws an egg!

How To Throw an Egg? The amazing Simon Leach – from Simon Leach Potteries, author of the fantastic book “Simon Leach’s Pottery Handbook: A Comprehensive…

Ayumi Horie – White Pots

A look into Ayumi Horie’s studio practice. Using porcelain, she shows how to dry throw bowls, plates, a match striker, and applies decals to pottery.…

Primitive Technology: Creating a Forge Blower

Wow, just wow! This guy is amazing. If i didn’t have an electric kiln I would be building my own wood fired kiln, creating about…

How to make a Ceramic Colander

One of the things that happens when you focus too much on pottery is that you only make cups and  bowls and vases… you forget…

Michael Casson – The Craft of the Potter – Throwing

Michael Casson was one of the pioneers in the renaissance of studio pottery in the post-war period, a greatly respected and a charismatic teacher and…

Isaac Button – Country Potter

Isaac Button was the last true English country potter. In a day, he could turn a ton of clay into pots. When timed he threw…

How to roll a foot on a bowl and cup

A short video demonstrating a super simple way to “roll” a foot on to a small bowl and a cup, instead of turning it. Have…

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