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pottery decoration techniques

Simple Textured Pottery Decoration Techniques : Chattering the Clay

Pottery Decoration Techniques: Easy as ABC Ingleton Pottery shows a video of a very easy but effective pottery decoration technique to add some texture to the pot using the Chattering technique. Very easy to do. Once the pot has been thrown on the wheel, let the pot become quite dry and using a chattering tool…

korean ceramic tradition

Icheon Masters: Reviving the Korean Ceramic Tradition.. Beautiful!

Ceramic Masters of Icheon Ceramics The skills of Ceramic Masters of Icheon Ceramics are truly phenomenal. They make this look very easy but it’s taken them decades of hard graft to get to this level! Don’t miss your chance to glance to these great art pieces done by talented pottery masters. Go make a hot…

paulus berensohn

A beautiful insight into the mind of the ceramic artist Paulus Berensohn.

The Ceramic Artist, Paulus Berensohn What a beautiful insight into the mind of the ceramic artist, Paulus Berensohn. He was made an Honorary Member of NCECA (National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts) in 2013, and his book is found in almost every ceramic studio around the world. Get his Book: Finding One’s Way…

sodium silicate to create crackled texture

Using Sodium Silicate to Create Crackled Texture with Hsin-Chuen Lin

Hsin–Chuen Lin starts with a lump of clay and some sodium silicate… 20 minutes later? I really want to try this! In this video, Hsin–Chuen Lin demonstrates another way of throwing which is using a sodium silicate to create crackled texture. Wow! This simple technique creates beautiful patterns before your eyes! Hsin-Chuen Lin was influenced by the American contemporary…

jude ridgeway

Inspiration of the day: Jude Ridgway: Saggar Fired & Reconstructions

Inspiration of the day: Jude Ridgway: saggar fired & reconstructions “Inspiration is from many sources; classical and primitive ceramics; archaeological pottery reconstructed; the colour of rusted metals; weathered wood and other exposed surfaces which have that rich patina of age; winter landscapes criss-crossed by hedges and trees; sunrise and sunset skies.“

tim scill

Inspiration of the day: Tim Scull: Ceramic Artist

Inspiration of the day: Tim Scull: Ceramic Artist Tim Scull’s work has become quite diversified over the last several years including a multitude of firing techniques as in Raku, Pit firing, Sawdust firing, Saggar firing, Fuming techniques, Crystalline, Wood firings, and Salt/soda firings.  

wheel throwing tips

How high have you thrown on the wheel? Maybe these tips will help you

How high have you thrown on the wheel? Awesome Wheel Throwing Tips by Adam Field Adam field is pleased to show how to cut the cylinder in half and showed the hand placements. Adam also demonstrates the alternative methods of centering and opening. The explanation is also detailed, logical and calm. Even if you’re a…

matthew chambers

Today’s Inspiration : Mathew Chambers

Matthew Chambers & His  Circular Ceramic Sculptures Matthew Chambers created wonderful concentrically layered Ceramic Sculptures and Vessels. These hand-built ceramic vessels and sculptures are containing dozens of thin concentric layers. Each “layer” is an individual section thrown on a wheel which he then assembles with other layers to create a solid sculpture. A precisely geometric formed…

spode blue italian

Ever wondered how a Spode Blue Italian piece is made?

Spode Blue Italian: Perfection for 200 years. How Spode Blue Italian Pieces is Made Nestled in the heart of The Potteries, Stoke-on Trent, England, there they make Spode’s Blue Italian.

Beautiful Chemical Reactions

how to make a stein

How To Make a Stein

  How To Make a Stein Learn how to make a stein creatively. What is Stein? Stein is a shortened form of Steinzeugkrug, which is German for stoneware jug. According to Mr. Wikipedia, “Beer stein (/ˈstaɪn/ STYNE), or simply stein, is an English neologism for either traditional beer mugs made out of stoneware, or specifically ornamental beer mugs that are usually sold as souvenirs or collectibles. In German,…

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